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Cloud Service Provider Roadmap for Success

Melodye Mueller
VP of Marketing & Strategic Alliances
Feb. 4, 2015
2 minute read

The content in this blog is outdated and we cannot reliably say it is still accurate with the speed in which the cloud industry moves. But don’t worry—below are more recent, up-to-date blogs.


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MSPs, VARs, resellers and SIs have been delivering managed services to end customers with on-premise IT infrastructure for years. Now, their customers are looking to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud to take advantage of increased flexibility, ease of deployment, and consumption-based pricing delivered by cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

How do you effectively manage cloud environments for many customers with multiple services, at scale?

As companies increasingly turn to the cloud to fuel innovation, service providers are facing new and significant challenges. In particular, how do you:

  • Manage multiple customers and different accounts from a single console?
  • Automate the production and delivery of customer reports?
  • Deliver value-added services that scale your business without scaling your IT workforce?
  • Maximize margins by taking advantage of reservations across your customer base?

The cloud offers tremendous growth potential and high-margin revenue opportunities, but the playing field has changed. And, that means rethinking market strategies and differentiation, service delivery, internal tools and capabilities, and most importantly partnerships.

These are important considerations that are critical to success and CloudHealth Technologies is here to help.

CloudHealth enabling service provider success in the cloud - SHIWe’ve designed the Cloud Business Accelerator Program to enable service providers to optimize and manage infrastructure and costs across their client base, while maximizing margins and delivering value-added services. We take a high-touch approach in working with our partners to help them deliver profitable, differentiated cloud services with a repeatable go-to-market model.



The program is based on the CloudHealth Partner Console, which provides an automated, policy-driven approach to cloud management, and also includes Cloud Business Accelerator Services, such as:

  • On-boarding support – Including sales training, go-to-market strategies and service offers
  • CloudHealth® Check – Management-level reporting and analysis
  • Pulse Reports – Summary assessments (daily/weekly/monthly) on the cloud ecosystem, cost by business groups and reserved instance utilization and management
  • Partner Platform powered by CloudHealth – Includes CloudHealth Check, console access and customized reporting for customer business units
  • Full Service Advantage – Outsourced cloud management


Success as a solution provider requires defining the right value-added services for your customers, while marketing and selling these services - and supporting your customers as they grow and scale their use of AWS. This can be a complex process – but doesn’t have to be.

For more on the CloudHealth Business Accelerator Program, visit: http://www.cloudhealthtech.com/partners/cloud-business-partners