VMware's CloudHealth software for cloud cost management has added capabilities for reporting, and now integrates with VMware's Wavefront cloud analytics and monitoring product. Customers can view cloud costs alongside real-time usage data and can help them make more efficient deployment...

Enterprises turn to the cloud for its promise of agility, security and faster time to market, but all too often cost challenges derail these efforts and prevent businesses from capitalizing on the cloud’s full potential for transformation. With more than 4,000 customers, CloudHealth by VMware...

By Richard Brown: The cloud industry is moving at lightning speed, with enterprise adoption of multi-cloud becoming increasingly mainstream due to the need for faster digital transformation. Gartner predicts that 90% of organisations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities by...

VAST IT Services
VAST IT Services
VAST today announced a partnership with CloudHealth by VMware, provider of the leading multi-cloud management platform. The partnership will enable VAST customers to manage cloud and virtual resources across platforms and environments, whether on-premise, hybrid, or multi-cloud.

Recent VMware acquisitions are playing critical roles in expanding VMware's capabilities and footprint. On the management front that's critical to supporting a multi-cloud posture, last year's CloudHealth acquisition is at the forefront of that vision.

Chief Executive
Axbey recently spoke with Chief Executive about the arrangement with VMware, challenges the company is facing in the cloud sector and more. Below read on for excerpts from this interview.

From Joe Kinsella: Cloud continues to undergo intense innovation. Around this time last year, I predicted Cloud 2.0—which puts heterogenous cloud at the future of application architecture—would finally go mainstream. This year, we’ll move beyond just a tipping point and onto a new era of...