Personalized marketing isn’t a strategy, it's a mandate.    The inception of GDPR has been grabbing headlines around the globe. The real story is not GDPR itself, but how it serves as a forcing function for businesses to rethink how they approach privacy. Marketers need to reevaluate how...

vSpeaking Podcast
Joe shares what inspired him to create this multi-cloud management platform.  He also shares the concept of the maturity model where companies move from the initial cost management challenge to a Cloud Center of Excellence.   A special thanks to VMware’s Jad E-Zein for...

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Tell us about your role at CloudHealth and how you got here. What inspired you to join the company? I lead marketing for CloudHealth Technologies. I started in April 2013, joining the founding team as they secured Series A funding. Our CEO at the time had pulled together an executive...

SDX Central
SDX Central
The total worldwide cloud system management software market revenue grew to $4.2 billion in 2017, an 18 percent year-over-year increase, according to IDC. VMware’s cloud business had revenues of $906.7 million. The need to manage performance, capacity, and costs, and automate operations across...

Bob Kilbride has been busy recruiting, onboarding and enabling new partners and driving success through existing partners for the past two years with no plans of stopping. Kilbride will continue to lead CloudHealth’s channel strategy once the company’s acquisition by VMware is completed.

Credit Control Journal
CloudHealth Technologies’ CEO, Tom Axbey, discusses expansion of the European cloud market, how to achieve superior customer service, and why every company is now a tech company.

SDX Central
SDX Central
VMware’s “strategy shifted when they realized this was an area they needed to own for multi-cloud management,” Kinsella said.