Tech Target
Hearst now has 80% of its IT footprint in the cloud. Its success in doing so is embodied by more agility and innovation rather than cost savings, Shaffer said. "The money out the door might be flat, but it's going somewhere else," he said. Still, Hearst uses CloudHealth, a cloud cost optimization...

Security Boulevard
Security Boulevard
VMware announced the general availability of another CloudHealth by VMware service that detects vulnerabilities and threats in real-time while also identifying cloud infrastructure that is potentially at risk of being compromised.

SDX Central
SDX Central
VMware moved further into the security space today with a muli-cloud security product called Secure State. It’s based on technology that VMware acquired when it bought public cloud security startup CloudCoreo last year. Secure State is available from CloudHealth by VMware. Six months...

SDX Central
SDX Central
VMware is developing a multi-cloud management tool that Joe Kinsella, chief technology officer of CloudHealth at VMware, describes as “Google docs for IT management, which is the ability to collaborate and share across an organization.”

At last year’s VMWorld, Raghu Raghuram, Chief Operating Officer, Products and Cloud Services, explained, “Having the right cloud operations platform is as critical to business success, as having a great pit crew is to win a car race.” Announced at VMWorld 2018, CloudHealth acquisition marked...

With enterprises, currently using five to six cloud platforms, expected to use eight to 10 different clouds in future, they would need a way to manage the different tools, systems, and accounts. This was where VMware hoped to play a role, in particular, through acquisitions such as...

Cloud Computing Magazine
Joe Kinsella: Cloud migration has accelerated among businesses of all sizes in the last two years, driven in large part by the desire to become more agile, reduce operational costs, and increase innovation. Adoption shows no signs of slowing and the IDC predicts that most software...