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CloudHealth Technologies Adds New Policy and Automation Capabilities to Award-Winning Cloud Management Platform

Customers now able to take more advanced actions based on complex conditions, while automating the entire infrastructure optimization process

BOSTON, MA - (January 6, 2016)CloudHealth® Technologies, the leader in Cloud Service Management, today announced the addition of new policy and automation capabilities to the company’s award-winning CloudHealth platform. Through the new enhancements, customers are able to address some of the most complex issues tied to cloud performance, rightsizing and cost, resulting in their ability to improve cloud governance, while continuing to offload the burden of day-to-day cloud management.

“The CloudHealth platform is trusted by the world’s largest cloud customers, based on its ability to eliminate the complexity of cloud management,” said CloudHealth Technologies CTO and Founder Joe Kinsella. “Through these new policy and automation enhancements, we are giving customers the level of insight and control needed to easily address the most challenging cloud management situations.”

The CloudHealth Platform

Providing a single, comprehensive view of an entire cloud ecosystem, the CloudHealth platform simplifies cloud management through a policy-driven approach and focus on cloud governance. With CloudHealth, customers are able to define, manage and implement changes programmatically to optimize cost, availability, security and performance. CloudHealth streamlines every stage of cloud management as a company scales, enabling customers to easily align cloud operations with business objectives.

The new policy-focused features enable customers to take advantage of:

  • Policy-Driven Rightsizing – Create rightsizing reports based on user-defined policies that take into account specific rules for managing infrastructure. For example, users can now control specific conditions that represent moderately underutilized or severely underutilized infrastructure and customize based on groups.
  • Per-Instance Cost Measures – Create cost and usage policies that target individual instances (as opposed to trended aggregate data), allowing users to create complex policies and then automate the actions needed for improved cloud governance.
  • Frequency Management – Control the frequency of policy evaluation periods (e.g. every 4 hours, daily, weekly).
  • Perspective-Driven Policies – Constrain blocks within the policy to evaluate specific groups within a perspective and vary rules based on groups.
  • Resource Alignment - Policy blocks are now focused on a single type of resource (such as an AWS instance or statement), simplifying the construction of complex rules by limiting the available options within a block to a specific resource type.
  • A Heterogeneous Structure – Combine multiple topics in a single rule, such as specifying rules that combine both cost and usage, or usage and security.

Enhanced Automation

In addition to the policy enhancements, CloudHealth Technologies has added four new Automated Actions to further aid in the governance and automation of AWS infrastructure. Focused on email owner, stop instance, start instance and reboot instance, these automated actions are integrated into the CloudHealth Automated Workflow, allowing users to establish approvers whose assent is required to execute the actions.

For example, The Climate Corporation helps farmers around the world improve their farming operations with uniquely powerful software and hardware products. An AWS customer, the company relies on CloudHealth to ensure effective cloud management.

“The Climate Corporation is focused on turning data into value for farmers in a way that enables them to flawlessly execute each and every farming decision,” said Director of Engineering Mohamed Ahmed. “With CloudHealth, we are able to benefit from that same level of precision, thanks to the platform’s consolidated dashboard, unique policy capabilities and approach to automation. As a result, we are able to deliver a powerful solution to our customers, while being able to scale our cloud environment as we grow our company and operations.”

About CloudHealth Technologies

CloudHealth is changing the way organizations manage cloud environments through a policy-driven approach and focus on cloud governance. The company's cloud service management platform consolidates, evaluates, analyzes and optimizes data from disparate data sources. This results in an optimally performing cloud environment, enabling enterprises and service providers to align cloud operations with business objectives, while reducing costs and ensuring service levels are being met. The company is backed by Scale Venture Partners, .406 Ventures and Sigma Prime Ventures and is headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, visit www.cloudhealthtech.com or follow us on Twitter @cloudhealthtech and LinkedIn.