Your Next Cloud Move - InformationWeek Tech Digest

Joe Masters Emison, InformationWeek Tech Digest

Our 2014 State of Cloud Survey shows IT has realized the easy gains from SaaS. Now it's time to dig into PaaS, containers, performance, and more.

Industry pundits, and some IT practitioners, have spent years chattering about cloud, tossing around the same tired complaints. Meanwhile, cloud providers have their own narratives, endlessly retweeted and reblogged, about how their services will make your life sunshine and unicorns.

We're not going to waste your time on either. Let's assume you get cloud's reality and trade-offs and can parse marketecture on your own. Instead, we're going to see what our latest State of Cloud Computing Survey reveals about how cloud adoption has evolved since 2012.

One thing that's clear: Cloud is a growth industry. In our 2012 State of Cloud Computing Survey, 31% of 419 respondents, all from companies with 50 or more employees, were using cloud services, with 27% on the fence and another 27% with no plans. Fast forward to 2014. Among the 380 respondents to our 2014 survey, just 22% have no cloud plans and 45% report cloud use. The laggard categories -- those on the fence or with no plans -- have gone from a majority (54%) in 2012 to a minority in 2014 (44%). Our new Cloud ROI Survey also shows steady growth in cloud use.