VMware Helps Customers and Partners Accelerate Their Cloud Journey to Drive Greater Cloud Outcomes and Opportunities

CloudHealth delivers next-generation cost management capabilities that can increase return on investment in cloud by showing customers where budgets are spent, which applications consume the most resources, and how to right size their environments – even as they rapidly scale. New features in CloudHealth will expand on the platform’s robust cost management functionality, and will include enhanced multi-cloud reporting, multidimensional reporting, workspaces reporting, enhanced amortization, convertible Reserved Instance (RI) exchanger automation, container cluster visibility, and cross-family rightsizing for Amazon EC2.


Enterprises turn to the cloud for its promise of agility, security and faster time to market, but all too often cost challenges derail these efforts and prevent businesses from capitalizing on the cloud’s full potential for transformation. With more than 4,000 customers, CloudHealth by VMware enables customers to manage, operate and better secure their multi-cloud environments. With CloudHealth, customers collaborate across lines of business to make intelligent decisions related to cost management, security, and governance while scaling their multi-cloud environments.