CEO/CFO Magazine Interviews CEO Dan Phillips

Lynn Fosse, CEOCFO Magazine

CEOCFO: Mr. Phillips, what was the concept behind CloudHealth Technologies?
Mr. Phillips: The concept behind CloudHealth is that many, many years ago when the world moved from mainframes to networks there was a disruptive force in the marketplace and there were requirements for IT monitoring and management that was traditionally done in the mainframe environment that needed to be moved to a network environment. Because of the architecture a whole new generation of IT service management platforms emerged. That was a trend that took place in the 1990s and the end result, as we all know, is that pretty much the entire world moved from the mainframe to a network environment client server. What we are seeing today is the same type of trend with companies moving from onsite data centers and client server technology to the cloud. There is that same need to have your traditional IT systems management functionality to manage the performance and cost of the infrastructure, but there is a requirement for a new set of tools that will be able to manage a very different architecture associated with the cloud. That’s what we do. CloudHealth Technologies is a software company with a cloud analytics platform that enables IT service management for the cloud. 

CEOCFO: There are certainly many companies in this space. What do you at CloudHealth do to make your system better, cheaper, easier, faster, more effective?
Mr. Phillips: What we have seen is that there are many new management platforms being developed to manage infrastructure in the cloud. There are quite a few who are focused on configuration management and provisioning and deployment. There are also quite a few who are focused on cloud cost management. However, we really are the first company that has built a platform that can collect data from all technologies associated with your cloud as well as the cost of usage associated with your cloud and the business aspects of your cloud, with the ability to integrate that data and then utilize the data to trend and optimize performance and cost of your entire cloud ecosystem. Therefore, we really are the first in this space...