7 Marketing Issues To Be Aware Of Heading Into 2019: Insight From Gartner and CMOs

Leading research and advisory firm Gartner conducts several annual studies, attempting to provide insights for global industry leaders. Some of Gartner’s leading analysts and advisers weigh in on the hot marketing issues based on research and conversations with leading CMOs. As a bonus, we also have some CMOs who are providing their own insights. Below are 7 priority issues.


Personalized marketing isn’t a strategy, it's a mandate. 


The inception of GDPR has been grabbing headlines around the globe. The real story is not GDPR itself, but how it serves as a forcing function for businesses to rethink how they approach privacy. Marketers need to reevaluate how they nurture individual relationships and ultimately take an opt-in approach to ensure they are respecting the rights of the consumer. No more broad brushstrokes – in today’s climate, personalized marketing isn’t just a strategy, it's a mandate.

--Melodye Mueller, CMO, CloudHealth Technologies