CloudHealth Technologies is pioneering IT Service Management for the cloud. By combining enterprise requirements, best practices, and cloud technology, we are transforming the way in which customers can see, evaluate, and manage their entire cloud ecosystem.

Our goal is to deliver an easy to use, API driven, cloud analytics platform that addresses all aspects of the traditional IT service management platforms without the heavy investment. We’ve taken a clean slate approach to addressing the growing complexities of managing cloud infrastructure, and we applied our collective knowledge of the traditional IT service management industry requirements to develop a new methodology for solving the problem.

The CloudHealth, cloud analytics platform is designed to collect, integrate, consolidate and analyze, the massive amount of data from cloud providers and the data services that organizations use today. We take that data and give customers the ability to develop business models, analyze trends, and report historically and project future trends.

CloudHealth is designed to address the challenges of the most complex environments – multiple data sets from disparate sources that create trillions of data points daily. We give customers the ability to make fact-based decisions about their cloud ecosystem to support their business.

We believe that it’s time to bring the cloud to the enterprise. We believe it’s time for CloudHealth - IT Service Management for the Cloud!