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Learn how Scholastic uses CloudHealth for improving performance and efficiency, saving “countless hours” and cutting monthly costs.

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Learn how one partner pioneered financial optimization for their customers by implementing CloudHealth for visibility policy-driven control of their cloud environment.

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Learn how one partner leveraged the power of CloudHealth to help clients maintain visibility and control over their cloud infrastructure, while remaining competitive and keeping pace with the speed of innovation.

In order to effectively scale services across its global distribution network, a CloudHealth client needed full visibility as it rapidly deployed capacity as needed on-demand.

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How one client used CloudHealth to figure out the allocated cost model as part of their business plan.

How one client chose the CloudHealth platform over its competitors and how it successfully operates a dynamic cloud environment.

How clients better manage cloud spend and enforce centralized governance with CloudHealth

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How one client optimizes and automates their AWS Infrastructure.

See how improved governance opportunities are working for CloudHealth Technologies clients.
See how one client is using our optimization functionality to their advantage.