shape security google cloud platform

Shape Security had to overcome numerous challenges when they added Google Cloud Platform to their portfolio to help meet their needs around big data and analytics. Learn how they gained visibility into their resource usage and were able to identify and delete zombie infrastructure. 

Intuit's mission is to power prosperity through their market-leading products to millions of customers around the world. Learn how CloudHealth helped Intuit establish automated policies, ensure security compliance, and save millions of dollars through Reserved Instance management.

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Cox Automotive has been using AWS and CloudHealth for several years while continuing to maintain more than 45 on-premises data centers scattered around the globe.

Braze as a company began with a dedicated environment for infrastructure that included 30 employees, fewer than 12 servers and did fewer than 100 million API call a day. The first challenge was scaling their infrastructure at a rapid pace while monitoring and governing their environment with complete transparency.  Read this case study to learn how Braze ensured complete visibility while transforming and scaling rapidly.


Xero is changing the game for small businesses. They proudly provide cloud-based accounting software to over one million subscribers worldwide. As the platform cost specialist tasked with optimising the company’s cloud spend for the department states, “CloudHealth is a best of breed solution. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without it.”

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Ve Global needed a solution to give them visibility into their rapidly growing cloud spend. Learn how much they saved on their Azure costs with CloudHealth.

API Talent

API Talent needed to provide visibility, governance, and a robust consolidated billing platform for their customers. They also needed a solution that would meet their cloud security requirements and priorities. Learn why they chose CloudHealth.

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Visibilty and optimization of the cloud are vital for Instructure, and the 3,000+ universities, school districts and institutions around the world use their products.


“Before CloudHealth we mostly had no idea about our cost -- no way to predict what it would be, or to explain why it was increasing,” says Julio Ortega, the Operations Manager at Ogangi, a leading provider of mobile engagement solutions for driving custom

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Efficiency is key to understanding why EE uses CloudHealth; the company continuously seeks out areas where cloud optimization can be streamlined.