API Talent

API Talent needed to provide visibility, governance, and a robust consolidated billing platform for their customers. They also needed a solution that would meet their cloud security requirements and priorities. Learn why they chose CloudHealth.

Instructure Logo

Visibilty and optimization of the cloud are vital for Instructure, and the 3,000+ universities, school districts and institutions around the world use their products.


“Before CloudHealth we mostly had no idea about our cost -- no way to predict what it would be, or to explain why it was increasing,” says Julio Ortega, the Operations Manager at Ogangi, a leading provider of mobile engagement solutions for driving custom

EE logo

Efficiency is key to understanding why EE uses CloudHealth; the company continuously seeks out areas where cloud optimization can be streamlined. 

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One Logicworks service tier is long term managed services focused on cost management, powered by the CloudHealth Cloud Service Management platform. Basically, Logicworks conducts a review of a customer’s existing Azure account, helps them right size it, and seeks out savings.

Connotate logo

Find out how Connotate migrated 500 VMs and 50 terabytes of data without disrupting the high level of service, efficiency, and performance that their customers expect. Also, learn why they chose AWS for a cloud provider and CloudHealth Technologies for a cloud service management platform.

LogicBay logo

Learn how the cloud has enabled LogicBay to be significantly more efficient at managing its IT environment and maximizing its resources with help from Blue Sentry and CloudHealth Tech.


Get an inside look at how Trading Technologies leveraged CloudHealth to optimize workloads and reduce waste in its cloud environment.

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Learn how Scholastic uses CloudHealth for improving performance and efficiency, saving “countless hours” and cutting monthly costs.

Cadence logo

Learn how Six Nines and CloudHealth help Cadence continuously optimize and proactively monitor their environment.