AWS public sector
I’m on my way home from my very first AWS Public Sector Summit. The event, while light on new products and enhancements (unlike Chicago Summit a few months ago), was crammed full of incredible customer stories and use cases. The event lasted 2 days, boasted more than 70 sessions and 7,000...
Datadog CHT thumb
Meet Elastera. They provide managed cloud hosting environments for eCommerce sites. With a small team, they are able to punch far above their weight class when it comes to business impact with their large clients. How? By using the cloud for faster time to market and innovation: The pace of change...
What makes CloudHealth cool?
Over the past decade, organizations of all sizes have flocked to the public cloud to take advantage of its widespread touted benefits: increased agility, innovation, consumption based pricing, reduced operational cost, and access to global infrastructure. In fact, a recent study, 2016 State of the...
Cloud Steward
Over the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many of the largest public cloud consumers worldwide. We’ve discussed current strategies, challenges they are facing, new initiatives and trends. One of the most interesting trends I’ve seen is the emergence of a new key...
Reduce Cloud Spend in AWS
In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) started what I like to call the “Cloud Gold Rush.” By offering storage at 15 cents per GB per month, and compute at 10 cents per hour, the visionary service attracted thousands of companies seeking to lower IT costs. While their prices have come down significantly...
CloudHealth Technologies
Nearly four years ago, CTO and Founder Joe Kinsella had an epiphany. He began brainstorming an idea to solve the increasing challenges associated with cost and performance optimization in the public cloud. Time since then seems to have moved at warp speed. We’ve gone from: working at our kitchen...
Sapphire ventures
by Jai Das & Rajeev Dham Today, we’re excited to announce our investment in CloudHealth Technologies, the leader in cloud service management. Before we dive into the reasons that compelled Sapphire Ventures to invest, the potential of the CloudHealth platform can be best understood against the...
Gartner_dynamic optimization technology
Early adopters of the public cloud set out in search of cost savings, time savings, and overall efficiency gains. What they quickly learned, was that simply migrating infrastructure to the cloud and operating it as they did on-premises did not lead to the benefits they expected. Specifically, they...
Changing Landscape for IT
In earlier installments in this three part series, we discussed the state of cloud adoption, and the evolution of hybrid cloud. Our last segment focuses on the overall changing landscape for IT organizations.
Larry Begley
This week, I announced that I joined one of my most promising portfolio companies: CloudHealth Technologies. Ten years ago, I co-founded .406 Ventures, which invests in early stage technology companies. Today .406 has close to $600m under management. After a decade as an advisor, board member, and...