Convertible Reserved Instances
Amazon is at it again — with another enhancement to provide customers greater flexibility! Their recent announcement includes the ability to purchase Amazon EC2 Convertible Reserved Instances (RIs) for a 1-year term. Previously, these were only available for 3-year terms.
AWS re:Invent 2017 Survival Guide
For those of us in the cloud computing industry, this time of year carries special meaning. Yes, it signifies the beginning of the holiday season and (if you’re in the US) the opportunity to engage in excessive food consumption. But it’s also the precursor to the Very Big Show — AKA AWS re:Invent,...
Reserved Instance Planning and Analysis
Reserved Instances don’t always get the recognition they deserve as one of the best ways to reduce spend in AWS. This is due to the common misperception that taking advantage of RIs is an inherently complicated and time-consuming process. Unfortunately, this fear results in many organizations...
It’s an exciting week for the public cloud market as Microsoft has announced general availability of Azure Reserved Virtual Machine (VM) Instances. For those new to cloud, Reserved Virtual Machine Instances provide the ability to pre-purchase Azure Virtual Machines for a 1 or 3-year period to save...
Container Governance Module
Container adoption has spiked in the last few years. Customers are embracing docker containers to leverage new levels of flexibility and agility. Gartner reports that “By 2018, more than 50% of new workloads will be deployed into containers in at least one stage of the application lifecycle.”1
Cloud Management: The Cloud Steward
Over the past few years, a new role has been emerging in many enterprise IT shops—the Cloud Steward who is responsible for cloud optimization and governance. CloudHealth Tech’s Chairman, Dan Phillips, wrote about this new role last year after speaking with many of the largest public cloud consumers...
Last week I attended the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with over 8,000 attendees from the higher education community around the world. The conference was three days long and packed with more than 300 sessions, 700 presenters, and 275 exhibitors. As a first-timer at...
Measure cloud efficiency
By Eli Mansoor, Senior Account Executive Achieving cost savings is one of the main drivers for cloud adoption, along with agility and innovation. Cloud users have the agility to spin up infrastructure whenever needed, in the scale and location that fits their workloads. Many also have a mandate to...
SHI and CloudHealth
In an effort to keep up with the demand of delivering the computing power required to support usage spikes from thousands of users worldwide, one gaming development company created dozens of AWS accounts. This lead to a $5 million increase in their public cloud spend in just one year and the...
CloudHealth Champions
As we enter the final quarter of the year we want to take the time to recognize our customers who have realized significant benefits by leveraging the CloudHealth platform. Today, we are introducing just a few of our many CloudHealth CHampions: