Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA
Last week, leaders from companies running the largest and most complex public cloud infrastructure in the world gathered at the second CloudHealth Connect forum in San Francisco. Ariel Tseitlin, Partner, Scale Venture Partners and Dan Phillips, CEO and Co-founder, CloudHealth Technologies lead the...
3 steps to success
The original version of this post was written by Brett Gillett, owner of Curious Orbit Cloud Consulting Inc., an AWS Consulting Partner, and featured on the Curious Orbit blog.
AWS Partner Network Migration Competency
On the surface, migrating workloads to the public cloud may seem like a straightforward task, especially if you are already highly virtualized. However, if you’ve gone through the process of migrating applications to the public cloud, you know there is so much more under the surface, especially...
EC2 vs Lambda
The original version of this post was contributed by Scott Feuless and featured on the Cloud Service Evaluation blog. Scott is a leading cloud industry author and analyst and one of the world’s foremost experts on cloud service measurement and evaluation.
Handful of questions
The original version of this post was written by Lee Bazemore, and featured on the SHI Blog. SHI is a partner of CloudHealth Tech.
Next level MSP
Everyone is a part of loyalty point programs these days, because who doesn’t love rewards? Loyalty points can be used for everything from lattes, to hotel rooms, to airline flights, to flights to outer space.  A trip to outer space sounds amazing (albeit stomach churning), but how would you...
Secrets of the Cloud Leaders
A couple of weeks ago, I discussed why we conducted ‘yet another’ cloud survey. In that blog, I outlined the goals of the project and methodology behind our approach. The focus was on Cloud Leaders, what sets them apart and, more importantly, what they are doing differently from the rest of the...
CloudHealth_Cloudologist cost management
The last Cloudologist blog looked at what cloudology is, and what a cloudologist does. Now it’s time to deliver on the promise of bringing you “insights, answers…and maybe even a spin you weren’t expecting.” Folks, it’s time to talk about cost management. Cost isn’t exactly the redheaded stepchild...
Scale your business
There are many phases to a startup, and many ways in which you can categorize these phases. I love remembering the early days of CloudHealth Technologies—when we were just 5 people in a cramped office trying to win our first customers—and comparing it to where we are now: 130 employees worldwide,...
Financial Times logo
Have you ever thought about gamifying cost optimization to incentivize devops teams to reduce their spend in the cloud? At the Financial Times, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Greg Cope, Head of Platform Architecture and Security at the FT, was recently a guest on “This Is My Architecture” -- a...