Data Center Cost Dashboard
Even as public cloud adoption continues to accelerate, many organizations continue to run critical applications in on-premises data centers. In fact, the long-term future for most organizations is hybrid—according to a recent Forrester study, 60% of infrastructure decision makers would describe...
Boston Skyline
If there’s two things I consider myself a fan of, it’s technology and the city of Boston. They go together like chocolate and peanut butter—in addition to being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the Boston area is a hotbed of innovation that has been pivotal to the formation of the...
What Are Amazon Burstable Instances? Amazon burstable instances ( or T2 instances) are an instance family from Amazon Web Services which provide a guaranteed level of CPU performance with the ability to burst to high levels of CPU utilization for transient loads. Each instance has a “...
CloudHealth cost report
Finance teams aren’t always in the decision-making room for RI purchases, but at CloudHealth Technologies, our finance team is anything but ordinary. CFO Larry Begley and I recently sat down with our Business Development Team to share our perspective as finance leaders at a tech startup.
To keep up with their clients’ growth and demand for their leading digital marketing solution, Rise Interactive decided to leverage the performance advantages of the cloud and migrate their platform to AWS. To ensure a smooth and effective transition they enlisted Six Nines IT, an AWS Advanced...
“We have an unprecedented opportunity,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told partners as he led off Microsoft Inspire 2017. Looking at the $4.5 trillion addressable opportunity in Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge, “unprecedented opportunity” is an understatement.
Cloud Cost
By Andi Abes, Chief Product Researcher To design scalable IT environments, system architects need to be well-versed in core system requirements like scale, high availability, and security. The public cloud has proven itself instrumental in addressing these concerns by making building blocks like...
Migrate to the Cloud
Determining which application workloads to move to the cloud and the extent to which they should be modified is a key step in the migration process. ‘Low-hanging fruit’ workloads include those with the fewest dependencies, over-provisioned infrastructure, and the least critical workloads. Preparing...
Hybrid Cloud Management
Given the open-ended nature of the hybrid cloud, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for managing your resources efficiently. That being said, there are several rules of thumb that you can follow to save time and money:
Getting ready to migrate your customers to Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Before you start migrating workloads, there are a few key questions to answer. Let’s explore the following considerations: