What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing
The benefits of cloud computing vary according to each individual business. Most will agree cost is the primary benefit, but thereafter opinions differ according to each business's requirements. We list the most-often quoted benefits, categorized under three headings - flexibility, efficiency and...
microsoft azure security
As organizations continue to adopt the cloud and manage a hybrid cloud environment, it’s important to recognize how securing your Microsoft Azure cloud environment is different than securing your data center, and then learning the steps you need to take to secure your infrastructure. To begin, you...
magic quadrant
Garner recently published its first-ever Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities for Cloud Management Platforms. Before we dive into the report itself, let’s look at the timing and what it means.
Cost Optimization Management AWS vs Azure
When it comes to cost optimization management, AWS and Azure approach the subject in different ways to achieve the same end result. However, what neither Cloud Service Provider provides are the full range of tools to completely optimize your IT infrastructure—especially if you operate in multicloud...
gcp pricing discounts
Most cloud providers offer customers unique pricing discounts to help reduce the cost of resource usage. For Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers, there are two main discounts that can be applied to Compute Engine Virtual Machine (VM) usage: Committed Use Discounts and Sustained Use Discounts....
Comparing AWS Reserved Instances vs. Google Committed Use Discounts
A price comparison matching AWS Reserved Instances vs. Google Committed Use Discounts is not a sound basis for choosing one Cloud Service provider above another. We explain why and provide examples of what you should look for when evaluating long-term discounts for cloud services. AWS´ Reserved...
How To Best Manage Cloud Financial Reports
As businesses move more of their operations to the cloud, the management of financial reports is becoming more complex. However, there is a solution to manage cloud financial reports more effectively so that units within your business have relevant, real-time information at their fingertips...
cloud computing news
If you’re anything like me, your attempt to start 2019 as a new person means you’ve inevitably tried to forget 2018 even happened. Let’s recap the top cloud news of December so we can finally put this past year behind us… I make way too many jokes in an attempt to explain how a Mom-and-Pop cloud...
In 2018, we announced over 150 product updates to the CloudHealth platform across multiple cloud service providers and stages of cloud maturity. This could not have been accomplished without the continuous feedback and support from our customers and partners, and the hard work of our employees...
The 5 Best Ways To Reduce AWS Instance Cost
There are a number of different ways to reduce AWS instance cost, but not all are truly cost-effective. We discuss the five best ways to reduce AWS instance cost and suggest a solution for your business to achieve and maintain an AWS cost reduction quickly and easily. There is a lot of...