Ziff Davis Manages Subsidiaries And Improves Cloud Governance

Jackson Lucas
Cloud Tech Journalist
Feb. 22, 2019
2 minute read

Ziff Davis, a world-famous media giant responsible for distributing premium content to tens of millions of people worldwide, was finding it increasingly difficult to manage their subsidiaries’ cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Service (AWS) Management Console. In order to face this challenge head-on and continue scaling their organization, they needed to improve visibility into their lines of business and establish better governance practices.

Check out the Ziff Davis case study to see how they found success in AWS.  

Tackling cloud sprawl is never easy, but here’s how Ziff Davis implemented cloud management best practices for their growing AWS infrastructure.


Part of Ziff Davis’ continued growth and business evolution involves acquiring other media companies, many of which are hosted on AWS. For Ziff Davis’ Systems Administrator Charmaine Honeycutt and team, managing this many cloud environments and lines of business with AWS Management Console was becoming unsustainable.

“Over time, the sprawl grew out of control. We needed a product that would give us a centralized view of all that activity.”—Charmaine Honeycutt

Ziff Davis chose CloudHealth to equip them with the visibility and insight needed to effectively manage their cloud infrastructure through policy-setting and governance.

The result? Drastically improved Reserved Instance management that is ultimately saving the Ziff Davis team at least one business day of resources per week.