Why We’re Holding Group Platform Demos And What You Can Expect

Why We’re Holding Group Platform Demos And What You Can Expect

Colin Neagle Marketing Manager
Published: June 08, 2020
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Since the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic set in, many organizations have been forced to re-evaluate their priorities for a number of reasons: an increased focus on cost efficiency, the sudden need to support a fully remote workforce, or even an unexpected influx in demand for their services.

In our work with CloudHealth customers, we see these kinds of challenges often. Coincidentally, the same forces driving this increased focus on digital transformation have also prevented us from being able to meet in-person and discuss these challenges at tradeshows and other industry events.

How we are using digital tools 

As exemplified in our recent CloudLIVE Virtual conference, we’ve turned to digital tools to connect with the cloud community in any way we could. One option that has proven useful is our new series of 30-minute virtual group demos, which provide an inside look into the functionality that our customers use to optimize and govern their cloud environments. These all-digital events have helped to serve as an alternative to the experience of in-person events, where anyone can stop by our booth to get a glimpse into how our tools might help them.

However, the recent forced reliance on online communication channels is not the only reason we launched our series of group demos. While they’ve been extremely helpful over the past few months, our group demos were really designed to serve a much simpler purpose—to establish a no-pressure environment where people can see our platform in action, ask any questions they may have, and understand what they can do differently about cloud management. We’ve seen hundreds of people attend these events, and the live Q&A sessions have led to some really interesting conversations about scaling cloud usage.

See us in action 

We have a number of these events lined up In the coming weeks, including an overview of the CloudHealth platform on Wednesday, June 10, and a deep dive showing how our customers improve cloud security posture management with VMware Secure State on Wednesday, June 17th. We’re even hosting dedicated sessions in local languages and time zones for Germany, France, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and the Asia-Pacific region. We hope to see you there! 

The goal is simple—we help our customers take advantage of the cloud to accomplish their unique objectives, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to understand how. 

Colin Neagle
Colin Neagle, Marketing Manager

Colin spends his time coordinating digital campaigns to help connect the CloudHealth by VMware team with the broader cloud computing community. Prior to joining CloudHealth, he has held various roles in sustainability, technology media, and news media.

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