Why I Joined CloudHealth Tech: Larry Begley’s Take

Larry Begley


This week, I announced that I joined one of my most promising portfolio companies: CloudHealth Technologies. Ten years ago, I co-founded .406 Ventures, which invests in early stage technology companies. Today .406 has close to $600m under management. After a decade as an advisor, board member, and investor in fast-growing technologies companies, I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and get back into an operational role at a rapidly expanding organization. Who is CloudHealth Technologies, and why did I choose to join them? Let me explain some history. I have known the CEO and Co-founder of CloudHealth Technologies, Dan Phillips, for about 10 years. Five years ago Dan, who had successfully founded several Boston-area startups, told me he might be interested in starting and building one more successful startup. A few years later, he came to us at .406 Ventures with CloudHealth Technologies, a company offering a SaaS solution to help organizations optimize and automate their public cloud’s cost, usage, performance and security. For companies with large environments, the CloudHealth platform gives them much needed visibility and governance over assets in the cloud--similar to IT Service Management, but for the cloud. But it wasn’t just the opportunity that drew me to CloudHealth Technologies, it was a combination of several other factors:

  • Right People. Not only do the company’s leaders have an impressive track record of success in the Boston startup scene, but they have also built an extraordinary team of agile, intelligent, and dedicated employees.
  • Right Culture. CloudHealth Technologies has built a passionate, high-performing culture.
  • Right Market. The emerging market of Cloud Service Management is heating up and solving really tough problems for large enterprises, born-in-the-cloud startups, and service providers.
  • Right Time. We’ve hit an inflection point in public cloud where adoption is beginning to accelerate. As companies scale their cloud infrastructure, the need for Cloud Service Management becomes more urgent.


Larry Begley

"I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and get back into an operational role at a rapidly expanding organization."

As I’ve watched CloudHealth Technologies grow over the past few years, I realized what a unique organization this is both from a innovation and talent perspective. The opportunity to jump in and work on the operating side was too big to pass up. Keep a close eye on CloudHealth Tech, we’re poised to do big things!