CloudHealth Technologies Is Now Part Of VMware

CloudHealth Tech Staff
Oct. 4, 2018
2 minute read

On August 27th, VMware announced its intention to acquire CloudHealth Technologies. Today the two companies announced that the acquisition is complete.

CloudHealth is joining forces with VMware to solve a pressing business challenge: enterprise organizations around the world battle operational complexity as they scale their cloud environments. Together, the two companies will give customers and partners access to a portfolio of cloud services that delivers a consistent and actionable view into cost and resource management, security, and performance across multiple clouds.


Since the news was made public, executives from both CloudHealth Technologies and VMware have weighed in on the significance of the announcement. The consistent thread has been excitement for everything the customer and partner communities stand to gain:

“I’d like to thank our customers and partners around the globe for their important role in our growth, our roadmap, innovation, and our culture. Not only do we look forward to our continued partnership, but we also have significant roadmap initiatives underway to expand the platform functionality.” ~ Tom Axbey, CEO, CloudHealth Technologies

“To our customers, I can say with conviction: you have been deeply considered at every phase of this decision. We would not be announcing this partnership if we were not convinced that it was right for you.” ~ Joe Kinsella, CTO and Founder, CloudHealth Technologies 

“With more than $5B in annual public cloud spend being managed by CloudHealth today, this acquisition significantly advances VMware’s strategy of enabling customers to run, manage, connect and better secure any application on any cloud.” ~ Milin Desai, General Manager, VMware Cloud Services

“We now have a single platform that unites discrete data from all your tools, services, and environments, to give your business a truly holistic perspective, operational clarity and power to operate your clouds.” ~ Raghu Raghuram, Chief Operating Officer, Products & Cloud Services, VMware

Response from the industry at large has also echoed the enthusiasm and anticipation for what lies ahead:

“Multi-cloud is a growing use case, and it’s something that enterprise IT shops are very interested in. It behooves everyone in this space to work with multiple cloud providers.” ~ Paul Delory, Gartner, in Reuters

“Multicloud is a reality for most enterprises, so acquiring assets is a jumpstart for VMware.” ~ Holger Mueller, Constellation Research, in Silicon Angle

Many organizations use multiple public clouds today, but in silos and without centralized control. "There is time here to be thoughtful about what that integration roadmap is going to look like, and what they should prioritize from an R&D standpoint.” ~ Stephen Elliot, IDC, in TechTarget SearchCloudComputing

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