VMware And Google Stay Ahead Of Digital Transformations With Google Next Announcements

Megan Nixon
Cloud Tech Journalist


With a group of roughly 30,000 attendees, Google Next is one of the biggest Cloud events of the year. Completely taking over SoMa neighborhood in San Francisco with excited members of the cloud industry and colorful banners at every turn, the buzz is palpable. As everyone filled into the Moscone Center early on Tuesday morning, there was clear anticipation for the opening keynote—and the announcements that came with that. Knowing that companies need to move faster than ever to stay competitive, we are excited to share exciting announcements from VMware and Google.

google next announcements

With this integration, Google Cloud’s context-aware access engine can consume API signals from Workspace ONE.

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud extends into the Google Cloud

VMware focuses on enhancing the customer experience by seamlessly extending on-premises infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform. Whether operating in the data center, the branch office, or in the Google Cloud, customers get a consistent networking experience. This greatly simplifies deploying, managing, and securing the global WAN even in the largest and most complex enterprises.

VMware and Google share use-case for new hybrid cloud deployment for application platform and development teams

Putting the latest SD-WAN enhancements into action, VMware is also showcasing a hybrid cloud use-case for application platform and development teams. Built on Kubernetes, Envoy, and Istio—open-source technologies—this approach demonstrates how we are giving hybrid cloud teams more choices when they focus on modernizing existing applications or developing new ones.

In the example, the retail customer is able to run microservices across both PKS and GKE, with a consistent management approach and bi-directional application portability. Beyond portability, the customer can manage networking, security, and resiliency policies centrally across both on-premises and GCP-based services. They can even leverage services on the newly announced Anthos.

Workspace ONE and Google Cloud are focused on changing the security mentality

Always looking to improve on existing integrations, VMware deepens the integration of VMware Workspace ONE with Google Cloud. As the industry leader in unified endpoint management (UEM), Workspace ONE makes sure all IT administrators can easily manage all types of devices and gain important insight into their status and compliance.

With this integration, Google Cloud’s context-aware access engine can consume API signals from Workspace ONE, and determine whether or not devices are meeting the compliance parameters defined by your organization. Depending on the security statuses Workplace ONE feeds to Google’s context-aware access engine, access can be revoked at any time to any device not meeting established compliance standards.  

A key tone throughout these announcements is how quickly digital transformation is changing the IT and application landscape—and it’s not just happening one at a time, all of these changes are happening simultaneously. Our goal is to make sure we’re not only keeping up with the environment at hand but also staying ahead of it.