CloudLIVE Is Going 100% Virtual!

Emma Toole Cloud Tech Journalist
Published: April 08, 2020
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For the past two years, it has been our pleasure to provide an in-person forum where the cloud computing industry can come together. In these challenging times, we’d still like to honor our commitment and give you an opportunity to connect with the CloudHealth community, ask any questions you may have, and learn more about trends and best practices in cloud management. That’s why we are hosting a global CloudLIVE virtual event in May.

What is CloudLIVE?

CloudLIVE is the industry-leading multicloud conference dedicated to transforming and scaling businesses in the cloud. For the past two years, this event was held in person, however, with the state of the world today, we recognize and acknowledge that this is too much of a risk. That’s why this year CloudLIVE is going virtual, and hopefully we can all be together in person in spring of 2021! 

This past September, over 600 cloud leaders gathered together at the Encore Hotel in Boston for a 3 day event with the shared mission of harnessing the power of the cloud to fuel innovation. To see a recap on last year’s event, visit 

What can I expect at the CloudLIVE Virtual Summit? 

CloudLIVE Virtual is following the sun across the globe—kicking off the summit at 8 am EST on May 20th, content can be streamed all day from sunrise to sunset, so wherever you are in the world you have an opportunity to join us! Our schedule is designed for you to log in, get what you need, and get back to business. 

Our virtual summit will be full of industry-leading breakout sessions, CloudHealth platform training courses, an innovative keynote from CloudHealth CTO & Founder, Joe Kinsella, special guest presenters on the state of the industry, and more. Additionally, you will have the option to schedule 1:1 conversations with CloudHealth experts in our chat room, to learn more about CloudHealth and get answers to questions unique to your environment.  

Finally, make sure you don’t miss out on our first ever, Great Cloud Debate! Watch some of the brightest minds in the cloud industry take decisive topics and create a convincing argument for or against the statement - regardless of their (or their employer’s actual opinion).  Which side will you end up agreeing with? Who will have the strongest arguments and be dubbed the Greatest Cloud Debater? We’ll leave it up to you to vote. 

Where can I sign up? 

You can sign up for the free CloudLIVE virtual event here. Interested in learning more? Check out some featured sessions and 2020 sponsors here

Emma Toole
Emma Toole, Cloud Tech Journalist

Emma Toole is the current Digital Content Marketing Co-op at CloudHealth and spends her time writing blogs about cloud industry news and best practices. Outside of CloudHealth, Emma is a student at Northeastern University pursuing a Business Administration degree with concentrations in Marketing and Supply Chain along with her minor in Sustainable Business Practices. In her free time, Emma enjoys creating videos with the only film club on campus, Northeastern Television (NUTV).

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