Top Daily Cloud Articles Of 2019

Megan Nixon
Cloud Tech Journalist
Dec. 18, 2019
4 minute read

As the calendar year comes to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on the last 12 months and determine our defining moments. Earlier this month we published our best resources of the year, later this month we’ll be diving specifically into the CloudHealth Platform, and for this article, we’re highlighting our best blogs of 2019. 

Here at the Daily Cloud, we’ve had a lot of monumental moments in 2019—the launch of our new blog layout, the launch of our blog newsletter, and adding more contributors to our daily publishing cycle. As a reader, we hope these have increased your enjoyment from the blog as well as enabled you to find more success in your cloud environment. Read on to find out what we’ve highlighted as our top five blog articles for 2019. 

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What You Need To Know About AWS Savings Plans

This year we’re excited that AWS has rolled out a new, simpler, cost savings offering in addition to RIs. This new offering, called Savings Plan, will provide more flexibility to customers while offering the same cost savings as Reservations. This blog dives into everything you should know about the initial launch of Savings Plans as well as a link to our webinar on the same topic, but in much more depth, which you can listen to the recording of at any time. Don’t go into the next year not understanding this new way to save.

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AWS Instance Types And Comparison

Published earlier in the year, one of our most popular blogs enabled our readers to fully understand all AWS Instance types as well as be able to perform their own comparison for different use cases for each type. A large part of the blog is making sure that readers are able to take action on the information we are providing to make better business decisions in their cloud environment.  

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VMworld 2019: Introducing CloudHealth Hybrid by VMware

This was an exciting launch for the CloudHealth by VMware team. After attending our first VMworld as part of the VMware family, we were able to introduce CloudHealth Hybrid. It brings together the functionality of CloudHealth Data Center and the functionality of VMware vRealize Business for Cloud (vRBC) and Cost Insight into a single standalone SaaS offering. Read the blog to learn more about this important announcement. 

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All The Announcements From Andy Jassy's Keynote At AWS re:Invent 2019

Whether you were actually at re:Invent this year, or watching and following remotely—you know this year there were a ton of announcements in Andy Jassy’s keynote. One of our writers breaks down almost every single announcement from the packed three-hour talk. Instead of listening to it yourself, just read on for the short and sweet version of the keynote here. 

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Advancing Multicloud Security With VMware Secure State

This was a year filled with announcements for the CloudHealth by VMware team. Earlier this year we were able to announce the availability of Vmware Secure State, which helps customers shift to a more proactive, integrated security approach that is DevOps friendly. To learn more about this announcement read our announcement blog below, and to find more content about VMware Secure State, check out our security pieces across the blog.

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