Top Cloud Guides Of 2018

Jackson Lucas
Cloud Tech Journalist
Dec. 13, 2018
2 minute read

From best practices on how to optimize your containers to comparing cloud provider product portfolios, we’ve compiled the most helpful guides of 2018 to help you find cloud success in the new year.

Read below for the six most helpful cloud optimization guides and reports of 2018.

The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Cost Monitoring And Optimization, Q2 2018

This Forrester Wave report is the result of a rigorous vendor evaluation conducted over several months by the Forrester Research team. This report reveals the top nine vendors in the cloud cost monitoring and optimization space. Use this to build out a short list of vendors and make an informed decision on your future cloud cost monitoring and optimization solution.  

Comparing Services for the Big Three Cloud Providers

Compare the services offered by the leading cloud services providers to help inform your multicloud journey and feel confident building a custom multicloud strategy that fits your organization's unique performance and financial requirements. Learn how the top three cloud providers differ in their product portfolios, pricing models, storage services, and more to make sure your cloud strategy makes sense for your organization.

Xero Drives Profitability and Optimisation with CloudHealth

Xero is changing the game for small businesses. They proudly provide cloud-based accounting software to over one million subscribers worldwide. As the platform cost specialist tasked with optimizing the company’s cloud spend for the department states, “CloudHealth is a best of breed solution. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without it.” Learn how Xero found success in the cloud.

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances

Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances can appear complicated, but finding a solution that best suits your company doesn't mean becoming an expert yourself; you just need to know how to approach Reserved Instances and where they can make the biggest impact. This guide delivers a collection of proven best practices to help you successfully manage Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances.

Optimize Your Kubernestes, Mesos, and ECS Environments With CloudHealth

Containers are being adopted for the flexibility they offer developers. This guide offers benefits to container adoption, challenges with using containers for IT operation or DevOps, and how CloudHealth can help your organization overcome these challenges.