Thales DIS Executes Their FinOps Strategy with CloudHealth

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Thales Digital Identity and Security (DIS) is a multifaceted enterprise servicing more than 30,000 businesses from 180 countries with identity management and data protection solutions. From exchanging funds to analyzing and encrypting data, or verifying identities, Thales DIS brings trust to the billions of digital interactions organizations have day-to-day.

Journey to the cloud

To provide scalable, secure, and agile solutions for their customers, Thales DIS moved a dozen legacy solutions from their on-premises data centers to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. After implementing AWS however, the Thales DIS team realized that the cloud providers’ native tools they were using were not able to answer all of their cloud cost management needs.

As part of their Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), Thales DIS created a FinOps team dedicated to controlling and monitoring their cloud usage and spend. To attain the necessary visibility and control of their growing cloud environment, they decided to partner with CloudHealth, a comprehensive cloud management platform.

CloudHealth answered all our needs in terms of performance, cost, and the user-friendliness of the tool. It was important for us to have one tool that could centralize cost visibility across our different cloud environments.

Jean-Jacques Morris
FinOps Manager, CCoE, Thales DIS

Thales DIS’ FinOps strategy

Thales DIS leverages the CloudHealth platform to help execute the three prongs of their FinOps Strategy: monitor, optimize, and forecast.

  • Monitor: With CloudHealth, Thales DIS monitors cloud costs on a monthly and daily basis, and receives automated alerts when they’re about to exceed budgets or unusual activity occurs.
  • Optimize: CloudHealth’s rightsizing tools analyze Thales DIS’ cloud usage and identifies optimization opportunities by downgrading, upgrading, or eliminating instances. The team also takes advantage of CloudHealth’s Reserved Instance and Savings Plans recommendations
  • Forecast: Thales DIS’ key business stakeholders can easily review 13 months of past usage and spend data within the CloudHealth platform to help predict future costs and set budgets for future quarters. 

Together with CloudHealth, we are producing impressive business results. CloudHealth is a tool that’s very complimentary to FinOps—they can’t exist without one another.

Jean-Jacques Morris
FinOps Manager, CCoE, Thales DIS

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