Tackling A Multicloud Governance And Cost Management Challenge

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Smartronix, a global leader in delivering and managing secure cloud services, counts some of the world’s largest AWS, Azure, and Google customers as its own, including government institutions, and well-respected companies such as Allergan, Fannie Mae, InsideSales, Pepperidge Farm, and Dole.

With such impressive companies depending on Smartronix, the team needed to consider every business challenge their customers were facing and provide their customers with possible solutions. Read below to see how they handled their multicloud governance and cost management platform choice.


With hundreds of customers across the globe relying on the Smartronix Cloud Assured platform for managing secure cloud services, their need to analyze hundreds of millions of cloud events per month required a cost management and governance platform built for multicloud environments. To complicate things further, with multiple customer accounts on various bills, they required a solution that would enable themselves to see account costs broken out, all within a consolidated view.

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