Robert Half Leverages CloudHealth for Cloud Management Quarterly Business Reviews

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Founded in 1948, Robert Half International is the world’s largest specialized staffing firm, with more than 400 staffing and consulting locations worldwide. Robert Half adopted AWS in 2010, and since then, they’ve expanded their cloud operations and maturity by formalizing a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and becoming a CloudHealth customer.

We really loved the platform and the visibility of being able to have a single pane of glass into our AWS spend, and sharing reporting across teams.

James Fogerson
Senior Manager of the CCoE, Robert Half

CloudHealth and Robert Half Quarterly Business Reviews

CloudHealth holds Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with the Robert Half team where they review customized reports and dashboards built from within the CloudHealth platform. With these reports, Robert Half has a complete picture of their cloud environment to track progress, set targets, and identify opportunities to improve cloud management and cost savings.

Given the success of CloudHealth’s QBRs, Robert Half wanted to bring the same process internally to their own teams. Robert Half’s CCoE now holds internal QBRs with bi-weekly reports and status updates to stay on track. These touchpoints also provide a platform to share best practices and lessons learned.

CloudHealth makes it easy to quantify costs and get information.

James Fogerson
Senior Manager of the CCoE, Robert Half

During the QBRs, Robert Half leverages CloudHealth reports to identify cost optimizations opportunities. Here are a few examples of reports the team dives into:

  • Reserved Instance (RI) Utilization Report: shows overall cost savings with centrally managed RIs
  • EC2 Instance Report: shows if teams are using CloudHealth Policies and Automation to shut down instances overnight and on weekends
  • Health Check Pulse Report: shows money spent on aged snapshots and unattached EBS volumes

Business integration

Moving forward, Robert Half plans to further integrate cloud optimization processes into other areas of the business. The goal is to have a quarterly review rotation with all teams and train additional employees on the process.

To learn more about Robert Half’s cloud journey, read the full case study: Robert Half Case Study

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