How Riley Helped Their Customers Save $1Million In Annual Run-Rate

Jackson Lucas Cloud Tech Journalist
Published: March 11, 2020
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Riley is an Australian technology company offering digital transformation, data and analytics, and infrastructure modernization tools to help modern businesses thrive. Read on to learn how a partnership with CloudHealth allowed Riley to provide their managed service customers full transparency into their cloud spend, provided the agency needed for teams to work proactively on their cost issues, and ultimately save their customers millions. 

The challenge for Riley’s customers

Riley’s managed service customers, the majority of which run on AWS, were finding the native AWS Console wasn’t able to provide the full cloud visibility they needed to understand their costs and usage. 

Riley started using a third-party management tool to supplement the lack of visibility their customers had into their AWS environments. Unfortunately, the solution they found wasn’t able to provide the level of reporting granularity Riley and their customers needed in order to make informed decisions around spending and resource usage efficiency. 

To address this challenge, Riley explored other cloud management solutions that could provide both their customers and themselves enhanced visibility on things like the costs of specific cloud services, teams, and applications. 

Finding functionality that worked 

Riley pursued a partnership with CloudHealth because of the platform’s ability to break down costs on a granular level and provide visibility into potential cost savings. Stephanie Jean, Customer and Partner Engagement Manager at Riley, said her team was able to see immediate results with CloudHealth in both their relationships with customers and the team’s day to day activities.

Riley uses the CloudHealth Agent to collect CPU, network, and memory utilization metrics (at no additional cost to the customer) as well as CloudHealth’s Datadog integration to enhance their metrics and view everything in one place. The CloudHealth Health Check Pulse Report gives the Riley team a holistic view of each customer account and allows Riley the chance to quickly identify cost issues and modify underutilized instances—reducing their customer’s cloud spend each month.  

CloudHealth’s also been able to provide local support for Riley’s team in Australia, something Stephanie says has been invaluable. “The CloudHealth team is always so willing to help. Anytime I reach out to our Technical Account Manager, they always respond quickly and make it a high priority”.  

How is Riley doing now?

A big win for Riley came soon after implementing CloudHealth—with the platform, cost inquires from customers came to a halt. With the CloudHealth Platform, customers were able to develop their own agency by easily explore cost reports and dashboards on their own. This was monumental for the Riley team, who, instead of allocating all their time pulling cost information for customers, is now spending more time on other strategic tasks aimed at helping them grow and succeed in the cloud. 

"Through a combination of the analytics capabilities of CloudHealth and Riley’s 10 years of cloud operational knowledge, our shared customers have been enabled to reduce cloud expenditure and re-invest funds towards innovative technology initiatives that support the transformation of their business."

—Tom Bernadou
Managing Director, Riley

Since rolling out their financial optimization framework, an initiative the wouldn’t have been possible without CloudHealth, Riley estimates that their customers have in aggregate saved nearly $1M in annual run-rate—and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. 

Read the full case study to learn more about Riley’s journey with CloudHealth and where they intend to take their cloud management strategy next. 

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