Recommendations for Achieving Better Cloud Governance

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We had the opportunity to sit down with Lauren Nelson, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research (and author of two Forrester Waves), to pick her brain about how organizations can lower their cloud bill and achieve better governance.

You can hear Lauren's best practices on achieving more effective cloud governance here.

Nelson explores how innovative changes to the industry landscape over the past decade have caused many organizations to struggle with optimizing their cloud environment and provides recommendations for establishing a standardized governance framework to reduce spend. We’ve highlighted some key moments from the webinar below.

Challenges to cloud cost management  

Whether your organization is working with a single cloud provider or utilizing a hybrid-cloud approach, Nelson says the complexity of cloud services and costs leads to overspend without automated cost management support. One of the biggest culprits of escalated cloud spend is the proactive over-configuration of workloads. Instead of overspending on computing capacity you may never need, Nelson recommends taking advantage of the public cloud’s auto-scaling capabilities to ensure your only paying for space as you need it.

How better governance will save you resources

Even if someone in your organization becomes an expert in manual cloud spend optimization, the lifetime cost of continuing this practice is too high a price for your organization to pay, according to Nelson. Implementing a multi-cloud management solution that centralizes financial governance and puts automated rules in place for improved cloud cost management and optimization will allow your team to focus time and resources on learning other aspects of the cloud that can help grow your business, while also being able to react faster to cost corrections.

Learn how manual cloud cost calculations are inhibiting your organization’s ability to innovate and retain employees.   

Buying the right cloud management solution  

With so many cloud management tools available on the market today, how do you know which one will best help your organization lower spend and achieve better cloud governance? While some cloud management tools offer a breadth of capabilities, most fail to dig deep on important optimization functions, ultimately leaving organizations with more unanswered questions and frustrations than clear ROI. Nelson argues that it’s important to choose a solution that provides highly granular, in-depth visibility for the things you care about, such as a pricing model that brings immediate value to your cloud environment, and allows for flexibility around developer UX.

Learn why it’s important for you to select a cloud management tool that matches your current management requirements and how you can ensure your choosing the most appropriate solution for your organization’s needs.

Nelson is later joined by Rachel Dines, Senior Director of Product Marketing at CloudHealth by VMware, who walks through cloud optimization best practices she’s seen CloudHealth customers use to be successful in reducing their cloud spend.

Nelson and Dines conclude the webinar with a Q&A session where they tackle how to avoid cloud management pitfalls and discuss what the true ROI is on cloud management solutions.  


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