Q&A: New Leaders, New Growth In The Asia-Pacific Region

Megan Nixon
Cloud Tech Journalist


Here at CloudHealth by VMware we have been fortunate enough to add two stellar new additions to our Asia-Pacific team, Karthik Viswanathan and Rhys Shannon.

Rhys Shannon has joined us as the new Director of Channel for APJ, brought on to continue to build the business around our rapidly growing Asia Pacific Channel ecosystem; and as Director of Sales for South East Asia and Korea, Karthik Viswanathan focuses on continuing to build the local operation to support our rapid growth.

Read below to hear their thoughts on current cloud trends and how they plan to innovate and grow multicloud management CloudHealth by VMware.


CloudHealth by VMware has been fortunate enough to add two stellar new additions to our Asia-Pacific team, Karthik Viswanathan and Rhys Shannon.

1. Where have you worked in the past and what got you excited about the opportunity at CloudHealth?

Viswanathan: I started my career at HCL and spent nearly a decade with them starting as a BDE for the Aerospace and HiTech vertical to managing their System Integration business for the APJ region. Since then I have had various roles in EMC and Fortinet covering a wide array of sales functions. The opportunity to work with CloudHealth was exciting for many reasons, but most importantly the fact that cloud adoption in Asia has just started to mature and there is an immediate need for a solution like CloudHealth to address their pain points, so the potential for market growth in the region is huge

Shannon: I most recently worked as Director of Cloud and Services at Westcon-Comstor and have spent the last 15 years working in the channel; mainly in distribution. I joined CloudHealth as I saw how cloud management software can play an important role in helping partners grow their business whilst saving their customers time and money. Joining CloudHealth to help establish and drive our channel strategy within the region is a fantastic opportunity for [me] personally, at an exciting time for the industry.

2. What are your priorities for the first few months in this role?  

Viswanathan: Our first priority is to build up the CloudHealth presence in South East Asia, something we can do with our strategic partnerships, more traditional partnerships, and with born in the cloud partners.

Shannon: Primarily to extend on the great work done by our local team in the delivery of our CloudHealth partner program over the last 12 month and to align with our partners to ensure our resources are well-suited to support their objectives with our platform throughout 2019.

3. What are some of the biggest trends and challenges you’ve observed in the APAC market with regards to cloud adoption?

Viswanathan: The biggest trend is I see is mature enterprises moving more and more workloads to the cloud. We’re seeing the adoption of public cloud more than ever before in the region. Just as enterprises are changing their cloud strategy, born in the cloud (startups) are starting to realize the limitations of the public cloud and are looking at hybrid cloud options.

Shannon: As a region, APAC is made up of countries at different stages of their cloud journey. However, irrespective of maturity of each market, the norm is the continued compound growth in both market size and customer utilization. This creates issues of complexity, management, and confidence in execution that impact business confidence and adoption if not addressed.

4. Are the challenges different for midmarket companies compared to the enterprise?

Viswanathan: Challenges are different and so are priorities. Cloud adoption from small and medium-sized enterprises have an advantage over larger enterprises because they can adapt much faster.

Shannon: Cloud is reducing the barriers of entry to a range of world class services. In the region, generally speaking, Midmarket and born in the cloud partners got the initial jump in the partner space, but that is quickly changing as the market opportunity has become more significant. As enterprise partners compete more in the mid-market, more holistic management services offering needs to replace or augment existing specialization and eventually encompass multicloud competency are starting to dominate.  

5. How are you working with enterprises and partners to help solve their challenges?

Viswanathan: We are working together with partners to helpcustomers in their cloud adoption journey by providing better visibility, control, and management on financial and technical aspects of the public cloud.

Shannon: We are listening to the market and our customers around the development of our platform, as well as develop our priorities and go-to-market programs to support the initial sales motion and post-sales management of our customers. By doing this, we believe we can best place ourselves to provide the capabilities partners will need to address the evolving challenges of this dynamic market space over the long term.  

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