Q & A: Success in the New AWS Solution Provider Program

Q & A: Success in the New AWS Solution Provider Program

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Published: April 03, 2018
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On April 2, 2018, Amazon Web Services (AWS) officially announced their new Solution Provider Program (SPP).

What is the AWS Solution Provider Program?

The AWS Solution Provider Program is a rebrand of the former AWS Reseller Program and rewards partners for technical investments and driving new business. These changes are important to understand, especially for APN Consulting Partners that are looking to grow and expand their AWS business.

To better understand the impact of the AWS Solution Provider Program on consulting partners and answer the most frequently asked questions, we sat down with Bob Kilbride, the Head of Global Channels at CloudHealth Technologies.

Bob Kilbride has played a pivitol role in the longstanding partnership between CloudHealth Technologies and AWS -- a partner which dates back to 2012 and now supports thousands of joint customers. Under Kilbride's leadership, CloudHealth continues to invest in roadmap alignment to quickly offer capabilities as new AWS services are introduced, with partner requirements at the forefront.



Q & A: Succeeding with the New AWS Solution Provider Program


Question: Thanks for taking the time to give us some perspective on the announcement of the AWS Solution Provider Program. Was this announcement anticipated by the AWS partner community?

Kilbride: There are some exciting elements of the new AWS Solution Provider Program that are worth discussing in more detail. It’s been top of mind within the partner community since the preview at re:Invent last fall.


Question: What stands out about the AWS Solution Provider Program?

Kilbride: The biggest opportunity for modern cloud service partners goes beyond reselling, to providing value-added services that help drive end customer success in the public cloud. Cloud consumers are looking for proven expertise as they evaluate requirements for taking the next steps in their journey, and throughout the entire cloud adoption lifecycle. AWS is looking to provide more benefits and support to those partners who are most adept at providing the services and capabilities that end customers are demanding.


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Question: How does the new AWS Solution Provider Program recognize these capabilities?

Kilbride: One way AWS is recognizing these capabilities is through tiered discounts that rewards partners for their technical investments. For example, audited MSP partners can qualify for greater discounts. AWS MSPs are already in a position to take advantage of a tremendous business opportunity by offering differentiated services in areas like migration and infrastructure management. Additional discounts have now sweetened the pot.


Question: What other elements of the AWS Solution Provide Program announcement are important to consider?

Kilbride: As cloud usage grows and environments become increasingly complex, keeping pace with the rate of change in this market can often seem impossible. MSPs ease this burden by playing a critical role in helping to properly manage and scale a cloud program.

The AWS Competency Program will continue to expand to help partners broaden specialities in new technology areas like containers and networking. This will help partners attract new customers while also expanding existing environments by offering add-on services. This will increase partners’ ability to be a trusted advisor throughout the cloud adoption lifecycle. You’ll see incentives in the new program aligned to new business. The program gives partners the ability to create and manage customer accounts end-to-end while also enabling end customers to have their own terms with AWS.


Question: What role does CloudHealth Tech play in all of this?

Kilbride: Here at CloudHealth Tech we’ve been enabling partners to deliver valuable, differentiated cloud services for years. The CloudHealth Partner Platform and our CloudHealth Cloud Business Accelerator Program are designed to foster the kind of growth and evolution that AWS is looking for. We’re closely aligned in our desire to help partners become next-gen cloud MSPs. Every AWS channel partner should be looking to accelerate their plans to undergo the MSP Partner Program Validation. CloudHealth can help close the gap in passing the AWS MSP audit by helping partners demonstrate capabilities across several mandatory cost management and governance requirements, and drive bonus points for many non-mandatory services and capabilities.


Closing: Thanks, Bob, for this insight for our partners that are starting to understand the new program structure.

Kilbride: We look forward to continuing the discussion with our partners about how they can best take advantage of cloud provider partner program benefits and boost profitability.


This interview was conducted by Justin Bartinoski, the Director of Channel Marketing at CloudHealth Technologies.

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