PowerSchool’s Rapid Growth Calls For Quick Scale Of Multicloud Environment

Jackson Lucas
Cloud Tech Journalist
Oct. 16, 2019
2 minute read

PowerSchool is a leading provider of K-12 education technology solutions, supporting more than 45 million students in over 80 countries. With over 100 million users worldwide, plus rapid organic and inorganic company growth over the past few years, PowerSchool needed to implement scalable practices to help keep their Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure environments under control. 

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Since acquiring multiple legacy startups over the past 3 years, it became essential for PowerSchool to implement a multicloud strategy—supported by a leading multicloud management solution—to help centralize governance and gain visibility into their cloud spend.

CloudHealth helped PowerSchool save over $2.5 million over a 12 month period.

As PowerSchool started to evaluate different cloud management solutions, Josh Aldridge, the Program Manager and Cloud Commander at PowerSchool, found CloudHealth’s custom dashboards and reports great for providing a holistic view of their AWS and Azure environments. Aldrige was also impressed with how easy it was to manage reservations, including CloudHealth’s proactive recommendations to ensure Reserved Instance purchases are fully optimized. 

PowerSchool had $400,000 worth of unused EC2 Instances per year that went unnoticed until CloudHealth gave them visibility with asset data.

After gaining visibility into their multicloud environments and identifying cost-saving opportunities, the team turned their focus on ways to leverage CloudHealth’s automation capabilities to help them continue to develop and expand their clouds. The team is now making sure the alignment between their cloud program and business metrics like spend and predictability is tight. 

To learn more about PowerSchool’s journey with CloudHealth read the full case study!