New Partnership With ParkMyCloud Brings CloudHealth Customers Automated Cloud Cost Control

Jay Chapel
CEO, ParkMyCloud


CloudHealth customers already enjoy hybrid cloud governance, rightsizing recommendations and cloud management through a single platform. What if you could add automated resource parking to reduce cloud resource waste and keep spend in check?

ParkMyCloud and CloudHealth Technologies

"I’m excited to announce the partnership between CloudHealth Technologies and ParkMyCloud"...Jay Chapel, CEO ParkMyCloud

Now, you can. That’s why I’m excited announce the partnership between CloudHealth Technologies and ParkMyCloud.

ParkMyCloud is a web app that lets customers automatically find and turn off idle resources in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, reducing cloud spend by up to 65%.  Customers can now buy ParkMyCloud directly from CloudHealth, and the companies are working on a technology integration which will leverage CloudHealth’s best in class cloud governance platform and ParkMyCloud’s actionable scheduling policies.

Why Use ParkMyCloud? 

Think of ParkMyCloud as “Nest for the Cloud”. Through a simple platform, ParkMyCloud helps you find and eliminate cloud resource waste and integrate this into your DevOps process.


With ParkMyCloud, you can:

Save up to 65% on Cloud Costs

ParkMyCloud can help you automatically save 65% on resources that can be turned off outside of working hours - especially non-production resources, such as those used for development, testing, and staging - by identifying and turning them off when they’re not needed. We call this “parking”. This can be done simply through the platform with complete visibility and control.

ParkMyCloud finds parkable resources based on:

  • Resource Usage (“SmartParking”) -- finds patterns in resource usage and recommends custom parking schedules for each resource based on its typical usage
  • Keywords -- searches resource names and tags for keywords such as “dev”, “test”, and “staging” and recommends them to park outside of working hours

See how international software development company Foster Moore saves on their AWS bill with ParkMyCloud and enforces user governance.

Automate DevOps

With ParkMyCloud’s Policy Engine and extensible API you can integrate cloud cost control as part of your DevOps process, and reallocate development resources that would otherwise be spent playing “instance slayer” and turning instances on and off. Save time that you may have spent writing and maintaining scripting solutions. This frees up your employees’ time, allowing them to focus on your core business objectives.

See how one FinTech company uses ParkMyCloud to automate cost optimization, freeing up DevOps time and meeting cost reduction goals from the Finance team.

Enforce User Governance

Like CloudHealth, ParkMyCloud allows administrators to enforce user governance using team and role structures. Administrators can provide scheduling access to their users through ParkMyCloud rather than through the AWS console, giving them start/stop access while maintaining visibility and governance.

For example, Mike Graff, Senior Infrastructure Manager at Dolby Labs, says that he uses ParkMyCloud because “it was easy to give our users the ability to start and stop instances without having to give them access to the console. ...You don’t have to have any user permissions in AWS - that was a big win for us.”

Together, ParkMyCloud and CloudHealth Technologies look forward to improving return on your cloud investments, helping you drive more strategic projects, and simplifying your cloud governance. Ready to get started? Learn more.