Managing EC2 Instances By Exception

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Managing Amazon EC2 Instances for cost, performance, and security can be a complex operation due to the dynamic environment of cloud computing. However, solutions exist to eliminate the complexity and enable businesses to manage EC2 Instances by exception using policy-driven automation.

Depending on how long your business has been active in the cloud, and depending on the volume of assets it has deployed in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), managing EC2 Instances can either be complex or virtually impossible. Cost issues, performance issues, and security issues can quickly add up to potentially eliminate the benefits of moving to the cloud in the first place.

Gartner estimates that businesses who have not fully optimized their cloud environments are overspending by 70% or more, and that 80% of “lift and shift” migrations to the cloud fail to achieve their expected cost savings. In some cases, businesses will spend 20% more in cloud environments than in on-premises environments due to a failure to properly manage EC2 Instances and other cloud assets.

Managing EC2 Instances By Exception

Managing Amazon EC2 Instances for cost, performance, and security can be a complex operation due to the dynamic environment of cloud computing.

How to Manage EC2 Instances with CloudHealth

CloudHealth is a cloud management platform that helps business quantify, understand, optimize, and automate their cloud environments by collecting and consolidating data in a single-pane. With total visibility, businesses are in a better position to analyze and evaluate cloud assets in order to make better-informed decisions about managing EC2 Instances.

However, even with this depth of information at your fingertips, it isn’t necessary to manage EC2 Instances manually. The CloudHealth platform looks at the current and past utilization of EC2 Instances and makes recommendations for refining your infrastructure. Recommendations can include rightsizing EC2 Instances to optimize their utilization, purchasing Reserved Instances, or terminating zombies.

Whereas some platforms regard the optimizing process as a one-off exercise, CloudHealth continues to give you feedback on the management of EC2 Instances at granular level. You’ll be informed when demand for your assets increases or decreases so you can identify underutilized infrastructure and opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance.  

Managing EC2 Instances by Exception

Managing EC2 Instances for cost, performance, and security can still be a complex operation if your business has a long history of underutilization or your cloud operations are being run in tandem with an on-premises infrastructure. Therefore, the CloudHealth platform allows you to manage EC2 Instances by exception (i.e. only having to manage your assets when something out of the ordinary occurs).

This process works through policy-driven automation. Effectively, you tell CloudHealth what to look for, and when the platform sees it, CloudHealth will perform an action depending on what you’ve configured it to do. The actions can vary between (for example) advising you of a projected budget overspend on EC2 Instances, or stopping an EC2 Instance because it exceeds allowable parameters,Policies are not limited to managing EC2 Instances, they can be applied to many different areas of your cloud operations. For example, you could apply policies that automatically release unattached elastic IP addresses after a certain period of time, delete snapshots that are no longer required, or schedule start/stop times for non-production EC2 Instances to coincide with normal working hours (saving up to 65% on EC2 costs). Automated policies can also be used to identify misconfigured assets and unencrypted data to avoid potential security incidents.

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