How You Can Completely Manage A Google Cloud Platform Bill

CloudHealth Tech Staff
May 30, 2019
3 minute read

Although Google Cloud Platform provides a number of tools to help manage costs, these don’t completely manage a Google Cloud Platform bill. We explain why, and offer a solution to help your business optimize assets for cost, performance, and security.

If your business deploys assets on Google Cloud, you may already be aware of the tools to help identify overprovisioned Compute Engine VMs and opportunities to take advantage of Committed Use discounts. These tools are good for partially reducing a Google Cloud Platform bill, but they don’t completely manage a Google Cloud Platform bill and you may still be paying for assets you aren’t using.

There’s also the risk that rightsizing Compute Engine VMs too aggressively in order to reduce costs can create performance issues, or issues in respect of application and data security. To avoid these scenarios - and to identify assets you’re paying for but not using - you need to have total visibility over your Google Cloud environment and have a means of understanding the relationships between your assets.


What Assets Am I Still Paying For?

When you launch Compute Engine VMs, it’s not just the VMs you’re paying for. In addition, you’re charged for disc storage and IP addresses. It might also be the case you launch a load balancer. When you terminate VMs, you continue paying for disc storage, IP addresses, and load balancers until you terminate them as well. Plus, you’ve likely saved up a volume of obsolete snapshots.

To completely manage a Google Cloud Platform bill, you need to get rid of these “zombie assets”, but they aren’t always easy to find. A cloud management platform such as CloudHealth will enable you to find them quickly and terminate them to further reduce costs. The platform can even be configured to monitor your cloud infrastructure in real time and automatically terminate zombie assets when found.

Other Ways to Completely Manage a Google Cloud Platform Bill

In addition to automatically terminating assets you aren’t using but are paying for, CloudHealth can help you completely manage a Google Cloud Platform bill by identifying data that could be moved to lower cost storage, and by recommending stop/start times for Compute Engine VMs that don’t need to be left running around-the-clock - i.e. those used for QA, development, testing, and staging.

Most businesses are aware you can save money by scheduling on/off times for non-production Compute Engine VMs, but many apply a universal “8-til-8” schedule across all the qualifying assets. CloudHealth’s recommendations are based on the actual utilization of assets and can save businesses up to 80% on the cost of running non-production VMs, rather than the 65% saved by the universal schedule.

Further Benefits of Using CloudHealth to Manage Your Google Cloud

Once your assets have been optimized for cost, you can maintain the optimized state by using the CloudHealth platform to apply policies in order to govern your IT infrastructure. CloudHealth will monitor your Google Cloud and alert you to opportunities to further reduce costs by rightsizing, taking advantage of Committed Use discounts, terminating zombie assets, or adjusting on/off schedules.

However, CloudHealth does more than help you completely manage a Google Cloud Platform bill. Our cloud management platform monitors the utilization of assets around-the-clock and - using policy-driven automation - notifies you of events that might result in an overspend, a performance issue, or a security threat. It’s effectively hands-free management of your Google Cloud.

Find Out More about Managing Google Cloud with CloudHealth

If your business deploys assets on Google Cloud, you might be saving a fraction of what you could be by using proprietary Google Cloud tools instead of the CloudHealth platform. Consequently, we invite you to download our whitepaper “8 Best Practices for Reducing Spend in Google Cloud Platform” or speak with our team of cloud experts to find out more about managing Google Cloud with CloudHealth.

Our team will answer any questions you have about how to completely manage a Google Cloud Platform bill and will offer to organize a demonstration of CloudHealth tailored to your specific requirements. If you agree CloudHealth offers an opportunity for your business to benefit from hands-free management, you’ll be invited to take advantage of a free trial to evaluate our platform in your own environment.