Looking At The Cloud Computing World: A Community Leaders Perspective

Ariel Munafo
IsraelClouds Founder
May 8, 2019
3 minute read

The world constantly changing is an old cliche, yet it is a true one and if we look at the technological aspect of it all, the changes are happening faster than ever.

I believe that the main catalyst of change is cloud computing technology, and its infrastructure, giving us almost endless possibilities to build infrastructures in minutes and on a global scale. I think it is a good time to thanks Benjamin Black and Chris Pinkham who started AWS from the beginning by writing a short paper describing their vision for Amazon future infrastructure now. For Benjamin Black personal post about Ec2 origins click here.

Now after more than 15 years, we are in a different world. We can launch hundreds and thousands of VMs from our offices or even your sofa, enjoy dozens of different services with an incredible innovation pace of more than 1400 new capabilities in 2017, and it’s still growing ever more in 2019.


The options and opportunities are almost endless, and the big question is: how can technical people, managers, and salespeople handle the flood of innovation and stay up-to-date?

My personal initiative to help myself, and others, started in April 2016 when I was lucky to be chosen to lead the Ministry of Finance of Israel on its first steps to the public cloud.

Even in 2016, the frequency of changes was difficult to follow, now in 2019, it is almost impossible. My ideas to help myself and others were simple:

1. To build a website in Hebrew called IsraelClouds. Why in Hebrew? In my opinion, learning a new and complicated thing is easier in your local language. Still, today when I talk fast and use the term IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Serverless to newbies in the cloud computing world I see their eyes going to other places.

2. To also grow cloud computing community on Facebook also called IsraelClouds. After a bit, I decided to open the website for everyone, it was a huge success from the first days, engaging other people to contribute technical content in Hebrew and English to answer other people's problems.

After two years, IsraelClouds is a huge ecosystem of technical people in Israel including:

  • The main cloud computing community on Facebook with more than 6.8K members and a few others to focus on special topics like IoT, Security, and Open Source.]
  • Two meet-up groups enabling our members to meet also in the physical world.
  • On the digital side, we added 9 specifics WhatsApp groups divided by the cloud computing providers—all of this enhancing our main goal, problem-solving and building cloud solutions in an agnostic way, to allow a more private way to share ideas.]

In my personal journey into the cloud, I had the opportunity to lead and design the communities around my personal credo:

1. Being an agnostic community opened to everyone from beginners to master in the cloud.

2. Helping each other.

3. Zero tolerance to marketing content being pushed in the group.

I’ve kept a great relationship with the cloud computing vendors through my community activity, and also have consulted and helped government ministries with their individual journey into the cloud. As well as assisting big enterprises and small startup with general questions around cloud computing, technical problems, and provided business strategy advice.

And what does the future holds for us? Hybrid cloud by definition? Multicloud? It depends, but it will definitely be very interesting and challenging for all of us to try and make the best possible decision.

And in the meanwhile, we continue to work and cooperate with the cloud vendor helping professionals and companies adopting cloud computing in the fastest and secure way.