Leading Managed Mobility Solutions Provider Saves Millions with SHI & CloudHealth

Leading Managed Mobility Solutions Provider Saves Millions with SHI & CloudHealth

Anna Kate Tobin Senior Channel Marketing Manager
Published: September 10, 2017
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A leading managed mobility solutions provider with a global customer base was having trouble managing its complex hybrid environment, comprised of 15+ data centers and a growing AWS presence. Managing multiple billing platforms in AWS had lead to machine underutilization and overspending, and usage spikes drove unpredictable consumption. In addition, the company struggled to allocate costs to specific business units and identify where resources were being wasted.

The customer contemplated moving the infrastructure to an on-premises solution but turned to SHI, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, to consolidate and optimize their AWS usage. SHI recommended using the CloudHealth platform to analyze their AWS utilization in-depth and rightsize their environment.

As a result, the customer now has better audit control. This has also enabled them to reduce storage costs by more than 50% and their compute costs by 30%, leading to upwards of $5 million in total savings over the past several years. In addition, the SHI engineering team helped the customer gain confidence in their AWS environment and realize that when optimized, this was the most cost-effective solution for their infrastructure needs.

View the full case study on SHI’s website.

Learn more about how SHI’s partnership with CloudHealth Technologies empowers customers to efficiently leverage the power of the cloud.

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Anna Kate Tobin , Senior Channel Marketing Manager

Anna Kate Tobin is a member of the CloudHealth Marketing team and focuses on enabling customers to be successful in the cloud by providing insights into cloud management best practices, building a mature cloud strategy, and ensuring customers are utilizing the CloudPlatform in the best way possible.

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