Larry Begley: My First 100 Days at CloudHealth Tech

Larry Begley


I’ve just completed my first 100 days as CFO of CloudHealth and I thought I’d share my initial impressions of this special company. My first blog, which ran shortly after I came on board in April, explained why I chose to join. It came down to four main factors: I felt CloudHealth had a powerful combination of enormously talented people, a passionate and high-performing culture, a huge and growing market opportunity, and that it was the right time to take advantage of increasing cloud adoption.

I had high expectations when I joined and, to be honest, they’ve been surpassed on every count.

I felt welcomed before I even arrived. Prior to my arrival, I was copied on a message that was sent to all employees, announcing my decision to join as CFO. I was blown away by the scores of messages I received from employees in every department and at every level, welcoming me to the team. It was pretty cool to “feel the love” before I joined. My colleagues even gave a shoutout to my fashion sense on the company Twitter handle (follow @CloudHealthTech if you don’t want to miss other important updates).


Larry Begley in his office at CloudHealth HQ

"I’ve joined a company of passionate, driven people with bold aspirations that they see all the way through to execution. We deliver!"

I am responsible for several departments -- finance, human resources, legal, and facilities -- and I was fortunate to inherit a wonderful group of service-oriented team players who are driven to provide world-class support to the rest of the company. Every group is on fire, in a good way. We’ve built a recruiting machine that attracts extraordinary talent and is delivering 100% against our annual recruiting plan. Our finance team is building systems that will allow us to scale rapidly and expand globally, including recently establishing our first non-U.S subsidiary in the UK. Our legal team is cranking through a high volume of customer orders and implementing a system that will streamline our contract lifecycle. And with construction happening on all 3 floors of the Boston office, our facilities team is creating a collaborative space that’s equipped to handle our expanding employee base.

If I were to pinpoint one single standout element of CloudHealth Tech, it’s the people. I’ve joined a company of passionate, driven people with bold aspirations that they see all the way through to execution. We deliver! As an investor and board member of the company for 3 years prior to joining, I can say that CloudHealth Tech board meetings were, by far, the most enjoyable of all of my portfolio companies. There were never any unpleasant surprises. The experienced and down to earth executive team told it like it was, and every single quarter they made plan. CloudHealth Tech is a venture capitalist’s dream investment!

So where do we go from here?

The future is bright: we are driven to keep our market-leading position, in a market that’s accelerating at a breakneck pace. We take nothing for granted. We are nimble and, every month, make substantial improvements to our platform in response to constant feedback from customers. And we must continue building a company that scales.

We’ve got top talent at the helm. The executive team has seen this movie before and is 100% committed to building this company to a substantial exit for employees and shareholders.

I look forward to helping achieve that end goal, and to partnering with this stellar group of teammates in order to make it happen!