Webinar: Using KPIs to Build Confidence in Your Cloud Security and Compliance Posture

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At the core of many high-profile data breaches are simple cloud configuration mistakes that are so common they go unnoticed until they’re exploited.

With a focus on hitting project deadlines, developers often deploy services without realizing they contain configuration errors that provide access to the organization’s cloud accounts. And IT security teams tasked with monitoring distributed access to cloud-based infrastructure often lack the granular visibility to detect these mistakes before they go live.

This article, for example, explains how something as common as an improper configuration in an AWS S3 bucket could lead to a severe data breach, and why it can be so difficult to detect in a large cloud environment.

Many organizations are keenly aware of these risks, even as they increase cloud usage. Oracle and KPMG’s 2020 Cloud Threat Report found that 92% of respondents believe their cloud security processes have not matured fast enough to keep up with the rate of their cloud adoption.

Metrics are essential to bridging this gap. Maintaining proper configuration to keep your cloud environment secure and compliant requires adapting day-to-day development processes so your teams can remediate risks before they go live. But how do you make these adjustments without slowing your teams down? And how can you be confident that these processes are effective?

On Thursday, November 19th, the Cloud Security Alliance is hosting the CloudHealth by VMware team for a live webinar on using KPIs to help build confidence in your cloud security and compliance posture.

This session will highlight practical examples showcasing how to:

  • Get the right security visibility and context to educate developers
  • Quantify your cloud security and compliance posture through KPIs
  • Detect Day 2 misconfiguration mistakes
  • Remediate misconfigurations before a criminal exploits them
  • Proactively integrate Day 0 security and compliance into DevOps processes

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Colin Neagle
Colin Neagle, Marketing Manager

Colin spends his time coordinating digital campaigns to help connect the CloudHealth by VMware team with the broader cloud computing community. Prior to joining CloudHealth, he has held various roles in sustainability, technology media, and news media.

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