Intuit Takes Cloud Cost Optimization To New Heights With CloudHealth

Jennifer Meyer CloudHealth Customer Advocacy
Published: October 08, 2018
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On its mission to power prosperity throughout the world, financial software powerhouse Intuit was in need of a cloud management solution that would automate and optimize its cloud spend. For years, the company had been challenged with collecting, aligning, and analyzing data within its AWS cloud environment and wanted to move away from what was a very manual, labor intensive and error-prone process.

Intuit required a solution everyone could trust and ultimately chose CloudHealth -- based on the platform’s feature set, intuitive structure, ability to deliver reliable data, and the responsiveness of the CloudHealth support team.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Intuit Cloud Architect Dieter Matzion at CloudHealth’s Connect18 user conference, where I got his first-hand views on working with CloudHealth. During the discussion, Dieter offered insight into how he’d optimized the company’s cloud program by gaining visibility and control. Not only did CloudHealth factor prominently, but so did VMware’s Wavefront.  


Dieter explained that Intuit, the company behind well-known brands such as TurboTax and QuickBooks, had been challenged with collecting and aligning AWS data across all business functions. Since using CloudHealth, the company has been empowered with a platform that enables users to understand AWS data and make decisions with confidence, while saving the company millions of dollars.


Since working with CloudHealth, Intuit’s cost savings have been in the millions. The platform offers many features that have helped optimize cost, including the following:

  • Recommendation Engine – Making it easy to select and purchase Reserved Instances.
  • Automation – Enabling Intuit to purchase RIs every week, within minutes.
  • Rightsizing Capability – Allowing Intuit to move over half of its workloads to run on smaller EC2 instances.
  • Ability to Modify Workloads – Saving Intuit over $100,000 a year.
  • Integration with Wavefront – Allowing CloudHealth to feed data into Wavefront in an aggregated fashion.

Further, building on the core benefits of CloudHealth and Wavefront, Intuit will be leveraging the CloudHealth-Wavefront integration to create an alerting engine specifically for budget overruns and predicted budget overruns.

“CloudHealth feeds data into Wavefront in an aggregated fashion that is extremely powerful.” – Dieter Matzion, Intuit Cloud Architect


Learn more about how Intuit is leveraging CloudHealth's integration with Wavefront to tackle budget overruns: 


Jennifer Meyer, CloudHealth Customer Advocacy

Jennifer Meyer is a member of the CloudHealth CAM team and focuses on enabling customers to be successful in the cloud by providing insights into cloud management best practices, building a mature cloud strategy, and ensuring customers are utilizing the CloudPlatform in the best way possible.

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