How To Assess And Improve Your Multicloud Maturity With CloudHealth

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At CloudHealth by VMware, we’ve worked with thousands of customers and have identified patterns, frameworks, and management strategies that have been proven to help organizations maintain control over their multicloud environments as they scale. What do these organizations with successful multicloud functions have in common? They all have a robust, strategic, Cloud Center of Excellence at the center of it all.

Creating a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) can allow your company to maximize all the benefits of cloud computing. A CCoE is a cross-functional working group that governs the usage of the cloud across an organization and drives best practices throughout different functional areas. 

The CCoE spans three areas of excellence: cloud financial management, cloud operations, and cloud security compliance. By creating a CCoE, your company can start to successfully mature through the different phases of their cloud journey (gaining visibility, increasing optimization, building governance and automation, and aligning goals and metrics with business integration) and continue to innovate and scale.. 

Click on the infographic below to learn more about how you can improve your multicloud maturity with CloudHealth. 
multicloud maturity .jpg

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