Icertis Transforms Contract Management With Microsoft Azure

Jackson Lucas
Cloud Tech Journalist
Mar. 7, 2019
2 minute read

Icertis, a leader in enterprise contract lifestyle management in the cloud, has been providing easy-to-use, enterprise-wide platform services since 2009. With more than 5.7 million contracts and $400 billion under their management, Icertis is trusted by millions of subscribers worldwide to help solve their contract management needs on a daily basis.

Check out the Icertis case study to learn how they improved their cost management in Microsoft Azure

Icertis had been dedicated to providing best-of-breed contract management services to their customers all around the world—and needed to make sure they had solutions in place that would allow them to scale. As the company’s Azure usage continued to grow, senior management realized they needed help managing their cloud cost. Here’s how they got it done.


Like many organizations, Icertis wanted to be able to compare the company’s revenue against how much they were spending. As their cloud usage continued to increase to support their growing operational needs, it became even more important for business value to be tied to cloud spend.

CloudHealth’s technical functionality provided numerous benefits for Icertis, including increased visibility into asset utilization and recommendations to eliminate waste in their Azure environment, ultimately improving their bottom line. The Icertis team has also found CloudHealth’s customer success team to be extremely helpful as well.

“I love working with CloudHealth Customer Support. They are very patient, and no matter what time I open a ticket I get a fairly quick response.”—Sandeep Kulkarni

With CloudHealth, Icertis has been able to save 30-40% on their Azure spend month-over-month, providing huge savings as well as helping establish cloud management best practices for continued savings in the future.