How SHI Optimizes Cost Savings And Eliminates Cloud Waste

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As one of CloudHealth’s early adopters, SHI has grown with the platform and been able to enhance customer relationships by providing detailed cost data. Ty Manzano, Cloud Services Manager at SHI, discusses why CloudHealth is an integral part of his workday. 


About SHI

SHI International Corporation is a software company offering custom IT solutions for every aspect of your environment since 1989. SHI has grown into a $8.5 billion global provider of technology products and services. This impressive growth wouldn’t be possible without the highly-skilled sales force and a dedicated team of IT professionals.

Headshot Hannah McKeen
Hannah McKeen, Customer Advocacy Manager

Hannah McKeen is the Customer Advocacy Manager at CloudHealth by VMware, cultivating interesting customer stories and sharing them with the greater CloudHealth community. Hannah graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Journalism and Marketing. When she’s not in the office, Hannah enjoys running, cooking, and catching a good sunset.

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