How a Leading Media Company Manages Cloud Spend and Governance

How a Leading Media Company Manages Cloud Spend and Governance

Rachel Round Senior Manager, Marketing Communications
Published: August 31, 2016
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The content in this blog is outdated and we cannot reliably say it is still accurate with the speed in which the cloud industry moves. But don’t worry—below are more recent, up-to-date blogs.


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Regardless of which side of the pond you’re on, chances are you’ve heard of News UK, a News Corp subsidiary that is responsible for publishing many widely read British newspapers. A key component of the company’s longevity (it’s centuries old!) is its ability to keep pace with the ever changing media landscape, and a prime example of that is News UK’s use of the cloud to support its digital properties.

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An AWS customer, News UK runs its digital properties in the cloud to take advantage of on-demand elasticity and scalability. The strategy has paid off: peak events (football season, for instance) see an influx of online registrants, and by leveraging the power of the cloud News UK can quickly scale up to meet demand, and then back down post surge.

With cloud usage rapidly increasing, their monthly AWS bill also began to climb. As their Cloud Platform Manager puts it: 

“When we entered the digital world, we didn’t have a good view into our cloud spend. All finance saw at the end of the day was a bill, and the bill was rising every month.”

News UK wanted to provide the finance team with better visibility into cloud spend – without sacrificing innovation or agility – so they began searching for a technology solution. Enter CloudHealth.

CloudHealth helps News UK:

  • Identify and eliminate zombie instances (it uncovered more than 1,000 unattached EBS volumes).
  • Save 40% on monthly cost through Reserved Instances.
  • Easily see instances that can be rightsized or downsized.
  • Enforce centralized governance to hold groups accountable for cloud spend, and effectively track and manage changes across the environment.

To read more about the challenges News UK was facing, and how CloudHealth helps solve those challenges, check out the full case study: News UK Manages Cloud Spend and Improves Cloud Governance with CloudHealth.

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Rachel Round , Senior Manager, Marketing Communications

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