How To Drive Hybrid Cloud Success With VMware Cloud On AWS

Jackson Lucas Cloud Tech Journalist
Published: July 09, 2019
2 Min Read

Organizations are shifting to a service-oriented IT model to meet the demands for faster innovation. To do this, IT teams are modernizing their existing infrastructure by extending or migrating to public clouds. With this modernization comes challenges, including the struggle for IT teams to accelerate cloud deployment while maintaining operational consistency and maximizing existing resource investments. 

VMware Cloud on AWS answers these challenges by unifying VMware’s enterprise-grade technology and providing an easy to use service that is VMware delivered, operated, and supported. 

Join our panel of experts on Thursday, July 25th at 1pm ET (10am PT) for our upcoming webinar to learn everything you need to know about VMware Cloud on AWS and how you can help your organization drive hybrid cloud success. 


Join our VMware Cloud on AWS experts as they offer best practices for managing the shift from the data center to hybrid cloud, including how to optimize vSphere, VMC, and other multicloud resources. Learn hybrid use cases such as application migration, data center extension, and disaster recovery, and see which success stories are most similar to your organization’s current business needs. 

One challenge you’ll likely encounter early in your migration process involves determining which workloads should run on-premises and which should run on AWS. Hear recommendations on how to start identifying workloads well-suited for AWS, and which workloads are better left inside your data center. 

But the work doesn’t stop there—how do you plan to enforce data center and cloud governance policies once you’ve moved workloads over to AWS? How will you manage your cost? We’ll look at solutions that will deliver deep cost analytics across all your infrastructure and provide automation to help govern your environment hands-free, making sure your hybrid cloud strategy remains flexible. 

Want to learn tips to help you drive a successful hybrid cloud strategy? Register for our upcoming webinar on July 25th! 


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Jackson Lucas, Cloud Tech Journalist

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