How Change Healthcare Manages Their Cloud Environment

Megan Nixon
Cloud Tech Journalist
Jan. 25, 2019
1 minute read

The leading provider of software and analytics, network solutions, and technology-enabled services, Change Healthcare has to keep pace with the ever-changing healthcare industry. Several years ago they began increasing their focus on analytics, healthcare intelligence, and market data.

But for Brent Strong, Manager of Cloud Engineering & Operations at Change Healthcare, this change greatly impacted his job. That being because his core duties include successfully migrating applications and workloads, managing governance and cost, and mitigating operational risk.


At the same time, Change Healthcare also began a shift to the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS), to achieve greater flexibility and optimize their costs. With migrating off their legacy systems, Strong and his team realized that they would need a platform to help effectively manage their new environment.

When they first started looking at platforms, their AWS account manager highly recommended CloudHealth. But Strong needed to thoroughly evaluate other solutions based on cost management capabilities and strong automation features to determine which would be the best fit for Change Healthcare.
With how fast and increasingly popular multicloud strategies were becoming, future infrastructure changes were also a consideration. Strong and his team had an eye towards relying on multiple public cloud providers in the coming years, and they needed to be able to scale.