How Arctic Wolf Manages Their Complex AWS Workloads

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Arctic Wolf is a leading provider of cloud-based network security services, allowing companies to keep their critical data, networks, web-based applications, and devices safe. Recently named the 25th fastest growing company in North America (Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500), one of Arctic Wolf’s greatest challenges is balancing cloud costs as they scale. 

Arctic Wolf struggled to manage their complex AWS workloads 

The complexities that come with running workloads in the cloud is nothing new to the Arctic Wolf team—they’ve been cloud-native since the beginning. But even with years of experience building and shaping their cloud strategy, the team’s large implementation of AWS (which is used to manage tens of billions of security events and provide SOC-as-a-service functionality for their customers) provides extreme day-to-day challenges. 

Michael Hart, Director of Infrastructure Engineering at Arctic Wolf, says he and his team are constantly looking to optimize their AWS environment while maintaining developer agility. The Arctic Wolf team began evaluating cloud management solution after struggling to manage their growing AWS footprint. 

Partnering with CloudHealth

Michael had specific qualifications when he was evaluating potential cloud management vendors—he needed a solution that could handle Arctic Wolf’s complex cloud workloads, provide granular visibility into network bandwidth costs, and help increase his team’s efficiency. 

Arctic Wolf found these functionalities (and much more) with CloudHealth, something Michael said he struggled to find with other cloud management solutions. His team has found significant value in CloudHealth’s reporting capabilities because they make it easy to allocate expenses like bandwidth costs to specific services. 

What has Arctic Wolf’s success looked like?

With the help of CloudHealth’s RI recommendations, Arctic Wolf has saved 35% on their EC2 costs—and that’s in addition to the days worth of work Michael and his team are saving each month from no longer having to manually analyze their RIs. 

CloudHealth has also provided unparalleled visibility into Arctic Wolf’s cost and usage data, something Michael says he wasn’t able to dive deep on with AWS Cost Explorer alone.

"There are a hundred ways you can drill into AWS costs. With CloudHealth I can easily get that information and also have confidence that the cost reporting is accurate."

—Michael Hart
Director of Infrastructure Engineering, Arctic Wolf

Understanding the companies gross margins is next on Michael’s to-do list. As his team digs more deeply into gross margin costs, he wants to ensure other teams are getting involved. With CloudHealth’s granular visibility, teams can look at their own services and see which areas of spend they’re responsible for. 

As Arctic Wolf progresses through their cloud journey, Michael trust that CloudHealth will be there every step of the way. 

Read the case study to learn how Arctic Wolf is taking advantage of CloudHealth’s Professional Services team and what functionalities the team plans to focus on next! 

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