How Acquia Uses CloudHealth To Transform Customer Experiences

How Acquia Uses CloudHealth To Transform Customer Experiences

Jackson Lucas Cloud Tech Journalist
Published: September 18, 2019
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Not only is Acquia a world-renowned leader in open digital experience and drupal innovations, but they also happen to be CloudHealth’s first customer. Since 2012, Acquia has trusted CloudHealth to manage their cloud environment and help ensure they continue to deliver an amazing digital experience for their ever-growing list of customers. 

Check out the full Acquia case study here 

Acquia’s software and services—built around Drupal—give organizations the ability to build, operate, and optimize websites, apps, and other digital experiences. As their customer-base skyrocketed over the years, so did their cloud consumption. Finding a cloud management solution was crucial for Acquia to maintain control over operations and continue scaling their business. 

Acquia turned to CloudHealth to help gain visibility into their vast cloud environment, including those pesky, and oftentimes expensive, hidden costs. 

"CloudHealth is more than a vendor to us. We view them as a trusted advisor."

Jeannie Finks
Strategic and Technical Operations Director, Strategic PMO, Acquia

To increase the team's knowledge of the CloudHealth Platform, Acquia took advantage of CloudHealth’s cost optimization workshop, which was created or customers looking for ways to gain a greater return on their cloud investment. This workshop included topics such as perspective development for precision reporting and new approaches to infrastructure tagging. 

To learn more about how Acquia uses CloudHealth to maintain control over their cloud environment, read the full case study

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