How To Achieve And Maintain Lower EC2 Costs

How To Achieve And Maintain Lower EC2 Costs

CloudHealth Tech Staff
Jun. 4, 2019
3 minute read

You can implement any number of best practices to lower Amazon EC2 Instance costs, but maintaining lower EC2 costs without effective cloud governance can be difficult. CloudHealth enables you to maintain lower EC2 costs by using policy-driven automation to manage your AWS assets.

Many businesses trying to lower EC2 costs have enjoyed temporary success, but then see costs spiral out of control once again due to a lack of effective cloud governance. The “solution” for some businesses is to review their AWS assets on a periodic basis and cut costs wherever the opportunity arises. However, in between these periodic cost-cutting exercises, businesses are paying more than necessary for cloud services and contributing to cloud waste.

A more effective solution is to use a cloud management platform such as CloudHealth in order to maintain lower EC2 costs by leveraging g policy-driven automation. With this solution, all you have to do is create the cloud governance policies you want to implement and allow CloudHealth to monitor your AWS environment. Our cloud management platform will notify you whenever an event occurs - or is likely to occur - that violates a policy so you can take the appropriate action.


How CloudHealth Helps Lower EC2 Costs

The most common best practices to lower EC2 costs are rightsizing, scheduling, taking advantage of Reserved Instances, and terminating unused “zombie” assets. Depending on the number of your AWS assets, carrying out these best practices manually can be a sizable task.

Rightsizing EC2 Instances

CloudHealth will analyze the utilization of each instance and identify any candidate for rightsizing, along with their optimal configurations. This process not only helps you lower EC2 costs, but also improve utilization if there are candidates for downsizing.

Scheduling Start/Stop Times

Many businesses are aware that scheduling start/stop times for non-production EC2 Instances can lower EC2 costs. With CloudHealth you can create policies to stop your instances on weekends and start it back up on the weekdays.

Recommendations for Reserved Instances

Reserved Instances can lower EC2 costs by up to 70%. CloudHealth will recommend opportunities to lower EC2 costs by purchasing Reserved Instances.

Terminating Unused “Zombie” Assets

Even if your business’s AWS users are on the ball when it comes to terminating EC2 Instances, the likelihood is there will be unused Elastic IP addresses, unattached EBS volumes, and obsolete snapshots in your inventory. CloudHealth can identify these and notify you of them.

How CloudHealth Helps You Maintain Lower EC2 Costs

Once the cost optimization process is completed, you can maintain lower EC2 costs by taking advantage of CloudHealth’s automation capabilities. To do this, you simply create a policy that tells our cloud management platform what to look out for and what action it should take when it identifies a violation or potential violation of a policy. The following is a selection of simple policies you could apply to your AWS inventory in order to maintain lower EC2 costs:

Policies for Financial Management

  • If total EC2 costs increase by more than 10% in one week, send an email notification to the budget owner and system administrator.

Policies for Rightsizing EC2 Instances

  • If average CPU usage < 20% AND memory usage < 35% AND disk throughput < 35% for over two weeks, send an email notification to resize.

Policies for Reserved Instance Management

  • If an instance is running On-Demand for more than 550 hours over the course of a month, send an email alert for a potential Reserved Instance purchase.

Policies for Terminating Unused Assets

  • If an EBS volume is unattached for one week, trigger a snapshot, delete the volume, and send an email notification to the asset owner.

Find Out More about Lowering EC2 Costs with CloudHealth

If your business is periodically performing cost-cutting exercises, it could be worth your while to investigate our cloud management platform and see for yourself how easy it is to maintain lower EC2 costs by using policy driven automation.